Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm A Celebrity 2010: Is this sickest trial yet? Alison Hammond gets the boot after foul head-to-head Bushtucker with Kayla Collins

By Chris Johnson

-And Britt Ekland follows as she becomes the fourth celebrity to get the chop in last night's live eviction

Evicted: Alison Hammond holds a opal yabbie in her mouth during the 'The Dentalist' Bushtucker trial, one of the most disgusting on I'm A Celebrity yet

It's not uncommon to have a phobia of going to the dentist.

But I'm A Celebrity contestants Alison Hammond and Kayla Collins were certainly justified in their reticence as they took part in one of the sickest trials to date - The Dentalist.

The impossibly disgusting Bushtucker saw the pair battle it out as they were given a series of disgusting jungle nasties to hold in their mouth for 20 seconds, ranging from spiders to a prawn-like opal yabbie.

Two can play at that game: She went head-to-head with Kayla Collins to determine which one would leave the jungle after the pair came in the bottom two in a viewer vote

After coming in the bottom two following a viewer vote on Saturday's show, the one-off challenge was meant to decide which contestant would be sent packing from the jungle.

Hammond and Collins tied the task at 4-4, but both refused a tie-breaker mouthwash of pulped cockroaches.

It meant that the eviction reverted back to who received the least viewers' votes, which was Alison.

Meanwhile, Britt Ekland became the fourth celebrity to get the chop in a live eviction in last night's show.

During the Bushtucker trial, Kayla won the toss to go first and started off by popping a big grasshopper in her mouth.

After holding it in for 20 seconds she said: 'I could feel him trying to move around, it was gross.'

Alison, who also completed this part of the trial, agreed: 'It felt like an unwound paper clip in my mouth.'

Alison refused the next offering - a giant burrowing cockroach, saying: 'Sorry I can’t do that one, it’s too big.'

In it goes: Alison pours a spider into her mouth. The pair had to hold the critters in their mouth for 20 seconds to pass each stage of the challenge

Face-off: In the end the pair drew and refused the tie-breaker so Ant and Dec reverted to the original viewer vote, sending Alison home

Kayla struggled to get her mouth around the roach. Ant said: 'Be firm with it as it will wiggle out.'

After several attempts she managed to hold it it, saying afterwards: 'He kept trying to push his way out but once I got a good on, he wasn’t going anywhere.'

The Playboy model was next with a water spider. Both Kayla and and Alison managed to keep the long legged insect in for long enough to bring the score to 3-2.

Foul: Kayla is presented with a giant burrowing cockroach, which Alison refused to try saying it was 'too big'

How unglamorous: Kayla tilts her head back as she attempts to contain the water spider and, right, putting the opal yabbie into her mouth

Next on the menu was an opal yabbie which they held in their mouths with the shellfish’s head and pincers hanging out bringing the score to 4-3.

Goliath stick insects were the next offering. Alison managed to hold on to hers but Kayla spat hers out claiming it had 'peed' on her.

As she had failed, the ladies were even and faced a tie breaker – a mouth wash made of pulped cockroaches - which they refused before Ant and Dec reverted to the viewer vote.

Getting some stick: Alison looks rather disgruntled as she holds a mammoth stick insect in her mouth

Disgusting: But Kayla ended up spitting hers out, not managing to hold it for 20 seconds, claiming it 'peed'

After being given her marching orders, Hammond said: 'That was fair, I've had a great time. I'm so happy but thanks for letting me come along.'

Triumphant Kayla said: 'I’ve had the best time ever and I’m going back with a full quota of stars, I’m really proud of myself for competing the trial as much as I do feel like my time has come and I want to leave, it is still important for me not to fail.'

She returned to camp to the surprise of some of the camp mates who had expected Alison to win. 'Every last one of you are eating tonight. Alison was happy to go,' she told them.

Goodbye from me: Alison hugs Dec goodbye after he revealed she had got the least votes


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