Saturday, November 27, 2010

A make-up free Beyonce bares all as she cries on camera about missing husband Jay-Z in searingly honest documentary

By Jody Thompson

Bare faced: Beyonce Knowles shares some intimate moments - often without make up - in her documentary Beyonce: I Am...World Tour, which screened in the US on Thursday night

Beyonce Knowles has given fans a fascinating insight into her life in a warts and all 'on the road' documentary screened in the US.

Called Beyonce: I Am...World Tour, it saw the beauty reveal how lonely life was while on tour as she broke down in tears on camera.

In heart-breaking scenes, the 29-year-old multi-millionairess superstar appeared make-up free as she wailed: 'Sometimes it's overwhelming. Why did God give me this life?

'Only God knows. And I don't take it for granted.'

Lonely life: The star shed tears as she revealed how she missed her husband Jay-Z when she was on the road

Natural beauty: But Beyonce questions her life in the documentary, saying, 'Why did God give me this life?'

The Single Ladies singer, who rarely speaks about her rap mogul husband Jay-Z, added: 'I'm flying home today. I miss my baby.'

Beyonce, who has sold more than 11 million albums worldwide, said the hardest clip to leave in the documentary, aired on ABC as a Thanksgiving special on Thursday night, was when she was in China.

'There was one moment I was in China and I was in this huge suite and I looked out the window and there were just thousands of people walking and I couldn't believe my life,' she said.

Home movie: The star shared some private moments in the film, including walking along the Great Wall Of China

Party on: The star's crew toast the singer during some rare down time on tour

Love you: Beyonce makes a heart shape to show how much she misses husband Jay-Z

'I guess I was a bit lonely and I wanted to talk to someone so I opened up my computer and I just talked.'

The singer reveals in the concert special that she appreciates her position more now than when she was younger.

'Now when I win six Grammys in a night I know to soak up every moment,' she says. 'I appreciate how incredible it all is.'

Top Giza: The documentary sees the stars visit the pyramids in Egypt

Get the hump: The Single Ladies star was also shown getting a camel ride in the desert

Camel fan: Beyonce couldn't resist another ride in China

She also reveals she is not pregnant but is 'getting close' to the day she wants to become a mother.

'Nothing now but there will be one day,' she says.

'One of the reasons I haven't had a child yet is because there are certain things I want to do before I focus on being a mother.'

Watch a clip from the documentary, in which a fan is being less than complimentary about the star, below.

Behind the veil: Beyonce donned Muslim headgear on the revealing show

Backstage: The documentary showed glimpses of the star's everyday life split between concert footage from shows around the world


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