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I'm A Celebrity 2010: It's a rap for Aggro Santos as he's sent packing from jungle... and now campmates face double eviction

By Chris Johnson

Off he goes: Aggro Santos became the seventh contestant to be given the boot from I'm A Celebrity last night

Aggro Santos became the seventh celebrity to be evicted from the jungle last night.

The 22-year-old rapper - who was a virtual unknown before his stint on I'm A Celebrity - was sent packing after coming in the bottom two with Kayla Collins.

His exit leaves five contestants remaining in camp - with a double eviction planned for tonight.

Comedians Dom Joly and Jenny Eclair, former Happy Mondays star Shaun Ryder, X Factor finalist Stacey Solomon and Playboy model Kayla are now battling it out ahead of Saturday's final.

Speaking to hosts Ant and Dec after his elimination, Aggro, whose biggest claim to fame is duetting with the Pussycat Dolls, said he had been 'matured' by his experience.

Dismissing a divide between the older and younger members of the camp, Aggro said: 'I don't think there was a divide. The experience helped me to mature as a person and now I'm ready for the next level.'

Aggro won a total of 15 stars for camp during his time on the show - but seemingly forgot pulling out midway through his Creepy Crawly Bushtucker trial which saw him crawl through a dark underground tunnel infested with rats and bugs.

Moment of truth: The rapper came in the bottom two with Playboy model Kayla Collins

Growing up: Speaking to hosts Ant and Dec in a post-eviction interview, Aggro said the experience in the jungle had 'matured' him

Asked by Ant and Dec whether being in the jungle met up to his expectations he said: 'From watching the TV show I thought it would be much harder.

'But when you are here you get this inner energy and complete the tasks.'

He was then reminded of quitting the Creepy Crawly challenge before he had completed it, to which he said: 'If I could've seen what was happening I would have carried on.'

Quick dip: Kayla Collins revealed her stunning figure as she cavorted around in the jungle pool

Earlier in the show viewers saw campmates feeling the strain after torrential rain hit the I'm a Celebrity camp.

And Playboy bunny Kayla Collins was taking things particularly badly after failing to win a letter from home in a challenge.

The model sobbed after the contestants were challenged to play a game to win letters from home but did not manage to complete the task in time meaning her letter went up in flames.

Feeling the strain: But the Playboy model is feeling the strain with torrential rain making campmates' lives a misery, seen here being consoled by Jenny Eclair after failing a task to receive a letter from home

Tearful moment: Kayla was devastated after not winning her personal letter. But Jenny, right, Stacey, Aggro and Shaun all won theirs and became very emotional upon reading them

She also lost her temper with Dom Joly - who also lost the task - after she became convinced someone had stolen a Gillian McKeith cereal bar the celebrities had won in a game.

Joly told her to calm down but she snapped back: 'I'm not having a hissy fit but you know what really makes me mad?... Never mind, you know what? F*** you.'

Jenny branded herself ‘bloody selfish’ after pushing to get her letter from home but said that if she hadn’t got the note then she would have walked.

Caught in a moment: Stacey wipes away tears as she reads her note from home

Missing her family: Stacey, who earlier took part in another Bushtucker trial, with her letter from home in hand

The celebrities had to play a game to win the letters which were hanging over naked flames.

In pairs they had to fill shot glasses with water using pokers, once they got the glass a key was released and they could open the cabinet to release the letter.

After several bungled attempts they found a technique but 20 minutes was not enough to win all six letters.

Jenny started crying and said: 'I’ll walk out, I know I’ll get a letter from my daughter and I’d burn my hands and arms; there was no way I wasn’t going to get that letter.'

New look: Aggro, seen left after taking the braids out of his hair, was also quite touched by his letter

Challenge: To win the letters, the celebrities paired up and had to fill shot glasses with water using pokers, once they got the glass a key was released and they could open the cabinet to release the letter

Dom, aware of how much Jenny was struggling got Jenny’s letter with his key, she then sobbed with joy as she heard how proud her daughter Phoebe is.

Shaun said he was going to read his letter another 20 times before the end of the night.

Kayla sobbed as she saw her letter go up in flames. Jenny consoled her and said: 'Oh Kayla, I am so sorry, I panicked, I was selfish, I wasn’t coping without that and now I know you are not and that’s horrible.'

Jenny then stormed into the Bush Telegraph and said: 'I’m a 50 year old woman and she’s a young girl and I was bloody selfish and I feel awful about being snide about her as well. It’s karma.

Risky business: The letters which were hanging over naked flames and they had 20 minutes as a group to retrieve them all - but Dom and Kayla were too late

'I feel like a horrible human being, everyone wanted their letter and I was pushy about it but couldn’t have done another day without it.'

Later Dom summed up the day. 'It’s probably been the worst day we've had here. We had a terrible night, the worst, the camp flooded, everything was wet, then you wake up and Kayla’s not in a good way, she's stressed, I have a snap at her, Linford disappears and then Kayla gets her letter burnt, its not been a good day but it's ended well.'

Shaun and Dom took part in the Celebrity Chest challenge - All Cogged Up.

It saw comedian Dom suspended in the air in a net, with the campers having to answer questions to get him released.

Shaun communicated with the camp via a walkie talkie. Eventually he was released and the contestants won bread, toasting forks, jam and butter.

Suspended in the air: Dom Joly took part in the Celebrity Chest, which saw him hoisted in the air in a huge net while he campmates had to help him get down by correctly answering questions

But despite the win, grumpy Dom, along with Jenny, admitted they could be driven out of the jungle by boredom.

The pair, who are self-styled 'oldies' were complaining again about how boring the younger contestants were.

They said they were fed up with the dull conversations they were having with the others in I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here.

Joly, 43, moaned: 'There's two tribes left, the young and the oldies and sadly I'm one of the oldies, the quality of the conversation is nose-diving, it's X Factor, Big Brother and Tinchy Stryder.'

Eclair, 50, agreed, saying she could not deal with the other 'small minded' celebrities.

She said: 'I can't deal with it, I am f***ing bored s***less, none of them have ever read a book or had any experience apart from Saturday evening light entertainment television and I've really tried.'

Team work: He was assisted by Shaun, who communicated with the rest of camp via a walkie talkie


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