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I'm A Celebrity 2010: Kayla Collins and Dom Joly sent packing in double eviction

By Chris Johnson

Eliminated: Kayla Collins and Dom Joly were given the chop in I'm A Celebrity's double eviction last night

Kayla Collins and Dom Joly were sent packing from the jungle tonight in a double eviction.

The pair's exit leaves Stacey Solomon, Jenny Eclair and Shaun Ryder to battle it out for the I'm A Celebrity crown.

One more celebrity will be given the boot on Friday's show ahead of Saturday's final.

Moment of truth: Kayla reacts with delight after being given the news. She was the first to go in the double cull before Dom was given his marching orders next

Playboy model Kayla, 23, was the first to be given the chop tonight, shortly followed by comedian Dom, 43.

And both agreed in their exit interviews that former X Factor finalists Stacey, 21, should win the show.

Kayla said Stacey should be crowned Queen of the Jungle because she is 'an amazing person inside and out' while Dom described her as 'an extraordinary individual'.

In her exit interview Kayla said she was delighted to be leaving the camp, saying she missed her 'big giant comfy bed'.

Ready for some luxury: Speaking to host Ant and Dec, Kayla said she wants Stacey Solomon to be crowned Queen of the Jungle in Saturday's final

I so nearly quit: Dom said he was glad he stuck it out and made the final five

In recent days the model has been feeling the strain as torrential rain took its toll on the campmates.

She also lost a task to win a letter from home and had to watch it burn in front of her while most of her fellow contestants - bar Dom - got to read theirs. Kayla described it as a 'terrible day'.

Describing her fractious relationship with Dom, she played things down saying: 'We were fine,' but agreed he was opinionated.

Dom told hosts Ant and Dec in his interview: 'I nearly walked so many times.'

Comedy face-off: After Kayla's exit, it was between Dom and fellow comedian Jenny Eclair as Ant and Dec announced the second eviction of the night

Delighted: Dom waltzed off into the lap of luxury, leaving Jenny, Stacey and Shaun to battle for the jungle crown

And saying he was glad he made the final five he added: 'It was way tougher than I expected [taking part in the show]. I've watched this show so many times. But it was harder than it looks.'

Earlier viewers saw all the remaining five contestants take part in the Celebrity Cyclone challenge.

The Bushtucker trial saw them pitted against a variety of onslaughts including huge wind fans, blasts from high pressure hoses, masses of ball-pool balls and Swiss balls.

Dressed in Wonder Man and Wonder Woman outfits, the team managed to win all five stars on the task.

Jungle Jane: Jenny Eclair swings into action for the Celebrity Cyclone Bushtucker trial, which saw all five contestants take part, from left Shaun Ryder, Stacey Solomon, Kayla Collins and Dom Joly

Together, the celebs performed a relay to get the star on markers, where they had to stay until the end of the 10-minute trial.

Showing she was a proper Jungle Jane, Jenny Eclair started proceedings by swinging over a water-filled gully and crawled to the first marker clutching all the stars, battling against gusts from the wind machine.

With his pink cape flowing behind him Shaun collected four stars from Jenny and battled his way to the second marker.

Soaked to the skin: The celebrities operated in a relay and had to get the stars on five separate markers as they were battered by giant wind machines and torrents of water

This isn't easy: Stacey and Kayla attempt to keep a star in place on the slippery slope

Then, with Swiss balls and torrents of water being blasted at her, Stacey collected the four from Shaun but dropped one while trying to fight against the elements.

She took the remaining three to her marker. With Star Wars music playing Dom took to the swing rope, picked up the star from the gulley and crawled across the fast flowing water slippery floor towards his star.

With less than a minute to go and still being bombarded with water jets, wind blasts and flying balls, a gushing torrent of water was released down the giant slide which sent all the celebrities flying off their markers and back to the start of the course.

Slipping and sliding everywhere, it was a case of one last huge effort and the celebrities drew on their inner strengths and raced back to their markers with their stars.

Dressing the part: Former Playboy model Kayla was decked out in her
favourite 'monokini' underneath her Wonder Woman outfit

Ant said: 'Well done that was good team work, you’ve won 5 stars.'

Shaun was not a big fan of the challenge, exclaiming in some choice words that he looked ridiculous in his outfit.

But he preferred the next task of the day when he took on the Celebrity Chest with Stacey, saying it was better than 'fannying around in a cape' for the Bush Tucker Trial.

Staying put: With her goggles in place, Stacey appears quite amused, but she lost her cape midway through the challenge

This time, Shaun and Stacey were pitted against a heart of goats fro the task Ring My Bell.

The musical task saw them have to identify the sounds from the five hanging bells and match them to the bells on ten goats.

The bells around the goats necks had a number which formed a combination to release the chest.

Here comes Tarzan: Dom Joly gets into the swing of things as he springs into action

Team work: Jenny, who started off the challenge, was shortly followed by Shaun, who was not impressed at having to dress up

But a confused Shaun had to take directions from Stacey as he struggled to work out what they had to do.

'I just did what I was told, as you do with women,' he commented.

A tentative Stacey was apprehensive at first saying ''There was loads of goats in this thing and one of them was the angriest one I’ve ever seen… That goat looks evil.'

Good show: Together the five contestants managed to win all five stars in the Bushtucker

But she quickly got into her stride as she chased the goats identifying the bells, whilst a bemused Shaun tried to keep up.

The pair eventually managed to successfully completed the challenge and release the chest.

Then, after answering the a question correctly, they won the contents - champagne and strawberries.

More fun: Later Stacey and Shaun tackled the Celebrity Chest task, Ring My Bell, which saw them have to chase around after a heard of goats

Hitting the right note: They had to match the bells to the goats after hearing musical clips in order to break the code to release the chest. They were later rewarded with champagne and strawberries for their efforts

Although Stacey wasn't impressed, saying: 'I hate champagne, it tastes like wee bubbles so it’s all yours!'

The question was 'What is the cumulative age of all the celebrities who have left the show.' The celebrities answered 375 years, which was on the money.

Elsewhere, the contestants were disgruntled about having to play another game - muffin roulette.

But when they heard the prize was a round of beers the mood picked up.

A roulette wheel was placed in the camp with ten muffins. If the arrow landed on their name the celebrity had to eat the muffin - some of which were tasty while others were filled with chilli, peppers, mustard and anchovy sauce.

Jenny had to eat four of them. 'Back to a size 14 in one night,' she moaned.

Mystery filling: The games kept on coming as the contestants were tasked with playing muffin roulette to win beer - but some of the cakes had nasty fillings, including chilli, mustard and anchovy sauce

Take your pick: After scoffing down four, Jenny complained that she would put on weight


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