Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm A Celebrity 2010: Stacey Solomon rinses down in the jungle pool in pink bikini after being sprayed with bugs in Bushtucker trial

By Chris Johnson

Time for a wash: Stacey Solomon takes to the jungle pool in a pink bikini after taking part in another gruesome Bushtucker trial

Stacey Solomon was certainly in need of a good wash following her latest bug-infested Bushtucker trail.

And the 21-year-old mother of one certainly didn't waste any time stripping down to her pink bikini for a rinse down after her gruelling ordeal.

The former X Factor contestant appropriately took part in the challenge 'Star In Their Pies', a play on the singing talent show Star In Their Eyes.

All clean now: The former X Factor contestant wrings out her hair after taking a refreshing dip

But the usually plucky camper performed only managed to retrieve three out of the six stars available.

For the challenge, Stacey was sat in a giant pie base and was transported along a conveyor belt factory line, while disgusting things were slopped in.

The singer had to search for stars in among the ingredients which included offal, meal worms, cockroaches and vegetables.

'Get me in the pie, I’m really excited, let’s do it,' she cried.

Yuck: Earlier she took part in the Stars In Their Pies challenge which saw her have to retrieve stars from a giant pie as all manner of bugs were poured in

As she sat in the pie the first challenge was to empty three bags containing meat and offal into the pie.

But as she opened one bag the star fell to the outside of the crust which mean she could only now get five of the six available stars.

She was transported on the moving tracks around the factory to a vegetable tip containing cockroaches and crickets in among the veggies but she managed to get the star.

Brace yourself: Stacey gets a blast of jungle nasties as she takes part in the trial, winning three out of a possible six stars

Foul: Goo comes flowing in out of pipe as Stacey desperately searches around

At the third station she had to unscrew the end of a tube and meal worms and cockroaches poured down but she managed to pluck out the star giving her two out of six.

'I’ll never eat pie again', she squealed. She then had pepper blown through a wind tunnel at her.

Ant said: 'You’ve now got to have a bit of gravy with your pie, we are northern and we love a bit of gravy.'

As the glutinous gravy poured down the chute, Stacey managed to grab another star.

Revealing: The camper donned a low cut pink top for her challenge and wore goggles to protect her eyes

Close call: Stacey tried to bite hold of a star but failed, despite later commenting she had a 'big enough mouth'

No pie is worth its salt without a crust and the topping was lowered on to the base and Stacey was told she could not use her hands but had to get the final two stars using only her mouth.

An egg glaze showered down on her and Stacey complained it stank. She ran out of time getting the first star and then used her hand to put the second star in her mouth which therefore didn’t count.

'I just couldn’t get the stars in my mouth, I know you were thinking she’s got a big enough mouth why couldn’t she get it in,' she said to Ant and Dec.

Closed in: At the end of a trial a huge pie lid was lowered on top, meaning Stacey was not allowed to use her hands and had to try to retrieve the stars with her mouth

'I’m gutted to only get three stars, I might as well just go and kill myself!'

She told her fellow celebrities on returning to camp: 'It wasn’t hard, I was just poo.

'I thought it would be a piece of cake but it just went past my face… it was so disgusting. I thought ‘thank your daddy for the big teeth and big mouth’ but they didn’t come in handy.'


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