Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mother whose tumour meant she might never conceive splashes out on £30,000 to give baby designer lifestyle

By Arthur Martin

Happy holidays: Lisa Davis with her daughter Nicole Davis in her tailor made nursery and £500 worth of gifts she will be receiving for her first Christmas

Little Nicole Davis should, by rights, have a big smile on her face.

After all, her parents have spent more than £30,000 on lavish presents for their four-month-old daughter.

Her mother Lisa, 30, admits that she is addicted to spoiling Nicole after trying for six years for a baby with her husband David.

During her pregnancy the couple paid £6,000 for a designer nursery to be installed in their modest £150,000 three-bedroom semi.

They paid another £5,000 for a nursery for their holiday home in Florida and bought her a silver pram for £1,000. After Nicole’s birth, the heavy spending accelerated.

At £6,000, the baby’s christening which included a three course meal for 60 guests cost more than some weddings.

Nicole’s winter clothes collection is already worth £2,200 and still growing.

She sleeps in a £2,226 crib with carved cherubs on the headboard complete with £2,000 of bespoke bedding.

World of interiors: Lisa spent a total of £6,000 creating the nursery with many of the luxury items being shipped in from the U.S.

Her Christmas presents are already mounting up and they wildly outnumber those bought for other members of the family.

Indeed, such is her desire to spoil her daughter that Mrs Davis has already bought her a £6,000 diamond bracelet for her first birthday in July 2011.

Although Nicole now has far more clothes and toys than she needs Mrs Davis says she has no plans to stop spending.

‘I want her to have the best of everything,’ she said. ‘Some of my friends think I’m crazy because I spoil her so much but I don’t care.

Heirloom: Lisa had her own wedding dress cut up to make a christening gown for Nicole at the lavish ceremony

‘I don’t see myself cutting back on the spending - if she needs something I will have to get it for her.

‘I had spent so long planning and waiting to have a baby that I knew exactly what I wanted. I had a picture in my head of how I wanted her room to look - a coffee and cream theme nursery.’

In her nursery at the American holiday home, Nicole has a pink room with a brand new oak crib, a matching wardrobe and chest of drawers.

Every item in Nicole’s overflowing wardrobe is made by leading designers and her name is woven on almost every piece of clothing.

Mrs Davis, who lives with her husband, a property developer, in Winchester, said: ‘If I spend £200 on a pair of jeans I don’t see why I shouldn’t spend the same on Nicole. It’s important for her to look nice.

‘All of my family like to put effort into our appearance and make sure we look nice so we want the children to look nice too.

‘I think spending a lot of money on nice clothes shows how much you care about your child.
‘I can’t walk down the street without people stopping me and saying how beautiful Nicole is and how lovely her clothes are. I was quite spoilt as a child so I want her to experience that too.’

Mrs Davis said that one of the main reasons she spends so much on Nicole is because she believed she would never have a child.

After struggling to conceive, her GP discovered a benign tumour on her brain.
In April 2009, she underwent surgery to have the tumour removed, but there was no guarantee she would be able to have children.

But just six months after her operation Mrs Davis discovered she was pregnant and Nicole was born at the Portland hospital on July 22 weighing 8lbs.

She said: ‘I know some people might think I’m a bit mad, or over the top, but all my life I have dreamed of having a baby.

‘She is the best thing that has ever happened to me and has completed my life and brought so much happiness to my family.

‘I feel so lucky to have her, she is my dream come true, so nothing is too good for my little girl.’

Her husband David added: ‘I don’t really get involved with buying things for Nicole as Lisa enjoys doing all that.

‘I don’t mind how much she spends so long as she and Nicole are happy. That’s the most important thing to me.’


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