Monday, December 6, 2010

Peter Andre named in divorce of TV presenter: Angry husband claims pair exchanged 'hundreds' of flirtatious texts

By Daily Mail Reporter

Scandal: Peter Andre, seen here onstage in Newcastle last night, sent flirtatious texts to TV presenter Pollyanna Woodward

Since his own divorce Peter Andre has worked hard at upholding a squeaky-clean, family man image.

But his wholesome reputation has been threatened as it emerged today that he will be named in the divorce of two television presenters.

The pop star exchanged 'hundreds' of flirtatious texts with The Gadget Show presenter Pollyanna Woodward after meeting her at a party in October, her angry husband has claimed.

Lee Clark, who presents shows for QVC and the Discovery Channel, has given an explosive interview detailing the 'rampant' texts between his 28-year-old wife and Andre.

Just twelve days after meeting 37-year-old Andre at a Channel 5 party on October 30, beautiful Pollyanna demanded a divorce from her husband of one year.

Clark, who insists the couple had a 'blissful' marriage until she met the Mysterious Girl singer, discovered late night text messages between the pair, the News of the World reports.

One sent from Andre reads: ‘I’m lying in my 8ft bed alone. Bored. Wish you were here.’

Woodward replied: ‘I’m lying in my 6ft bed all alone too.’

Clark uncovered email confirmations for a £50 chocolate gift from Hotel du Chocolat that his wife sent to the singer, as well as an order for a sexy tartan number from lingerie store Ann Summers - something he says she 'never' wore for him.

Divorce: Woodward (pictured last month) met Andre at a party for Channel 5 on
October 30, and asked her husband Lee Clarke for a divorce 12 days later

'That's why I'm naming Peter in the [divorce] petition,' Clark told the paper. 'This marriage was perfect until he started texting my wife. We were blissfully happy.
'But he turned her head and then her heart.'

Pollyanna's affection for Peter was clear for any of her 21,869 Twitter followers to witness.

The presenter regularly mentioned him in her tweets, writing after the singer's emergency hospital operation: 'glad you're better Peter,' adding a 'wink' smiley face.

She also boasted about her second row seats at his Birmingham concert - tickets, her husband reveals in the interview, which were given to her by Andre.

'Good luck tonight Pete, pls say hi to my niece Paige, block b, row b....TY, she'll love you forever.'

Peter Andre's spokesperson said in a statement to the Mail Online: 'Peter Andre has only met Pollyanna Woodward once at a public event, which was the launch for Channel 5.

Angry: Lee Clark claims his wife Pollyanna (R) and Andre exchanged 'hundreds' of flirtatious texts

'He was told by her, she was going through a difficult separation and divorce, and as soon as Peter found out this was not true, he didn't contact her again.

'To be named in a divorce petition is madness, it was purely platonic on both sides and the text messages have been greatly over exaggerated.'

Lee Clark has revealed how he left a voicemail on Peter Andre's phone asking for an explanation.

'Within 20 minutes Peter rang back,' he says. 'I think his words were, "We didn't really talk about you." He said that the relationship was purely platonic and told me, "That's how I am with girls, I'm a flirt." He promised to put an end to it.'

Andre then sent Polly a text message, according to the paper, saying: 'It is important our friendship stays purely platonic as I have respect for you and your situation. I just wanted to make it clear.'

Insiders say that Polly, who was seated next to Andre at the Channel 5 party, was telling everybody how she was dealing with a difficult divorce.

Fan: Pollyanna tweeted this picture from the second row of Peter's concert, which he gave her tickets to as a gift

While they never actually met up in person after that night, Peter reportedly told a friend: 'I think she wants more.'

While Peter Andre has been left to deal with the fallout from Clark's explosive tell-all, Woodward is far away on holiday in South Africa, seemingly oblivious to the whole scandal.

She wrote on her Twitter page this morning as the front-page story broke: 'Yes in cape town....just in hotel overlooking table mountain.......sooooo gorgeous, wish you were all here x x.'


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