Friday, December 10, 2010

Rachel Uchitel's tears as she worries about her reputation on Celebrity Apprentice

By Daily Mail Reporter

Wiping her eyes: Tiger Wood's mistress Rachel Uchitel has a meltdown on Celebrity Rehab

As Tiger Wood's mistress she's caused a lot of misery herself.

But it was Rachel Uchitel who broke down in tears on Celebrity Rehab as she worried about her reputation.

The former nightclub hostess sobbed as she received a phone call telling her she was being 'lynched in the press' for appearing on the show.

Four days after checking into rehab her representative called to tell her to leave the show to save face.

Uchitel had sought help for addiction to sleeping tablets, while the show's host Dr Drew Pinsky also diagnosed her as a 'love addict.'

Uchitel almost left the show early when an assistant contacted her and revealed the outside world had learned she was in treatment.

One of the stories at the time was that Donald Trump had rescinded his offer for Uchitel to appear on the U.S. version of The Celebrity Apprentice.

Uchitel said: 'She called me to say, "Rachel I need you to know something, you are being lynched in the press and I'm telling you it's not good for you to do this you need to leave."

'I was very hesitant to come and do it to begin with. But this stuff is helping me so I would prefer to stay.

'If I left here I have nobody to go back to. Everybody has turned their back on me.'

Warning: Uchitel received a phone call from her representative warning her she was being criticised in the press

Dr Drew told Uchitel that leaving early could be a disaster for her treatment.

He said: 'Rachel's representatives were concerned about her enrolment in treatment because word had leaked to the press that she is in rehab and it is causing a media firestorm.

'According to the media, Donald Trump revoked Uchitel 's offer to appear on The Celebrity Apprentice and criticised her decision to appear on this show.

'It just seems absurd to me to think that it is appropriate for Rachel to go on a TV show where she will be criticized and fired as opposed to coming on our program where she is attending to her health and getting treatment.'

Uchitel eventually decided she would stay on the show, which is filed at the Pasadena Recovery Center, a clinic in Los Angeles.

She said: 'I know everybody says you shouldn't listen to what other people think and what other people say but I am as human as anyone else and it really hurts.

'But I am here for me and if I make a mistake it will be my mistake to own up to.'


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