Saturday, December 11, 2010

What an ice outfit: Fearne Cotton takes pals skating in animal print and lace

By Sarah Fitzmaurice

Fun: Fearne had a fab day out on the ice and tweeted that watching her pal skate was 'funniest thing'

She is known for her fabulous fashion sense.

So it came as no surprise that Fearne Cotton was looking rather lovely all rugged up as she took to the ice yesterday.

Feeling festive the 29-year-old radio presenter took her work buddies ice skating wearing a faux fur animal print jacket.

Fashionista: Wearing a cosy-looking animal print coat, lacy tights and knitted hat Fearne looked lovely

Teaming her cosy outerwear with lacy tights, she covered up her on-trend dipped locks with a brown knitted beanie.

But it seems the trip to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park wasn’t just a photo opportunity, Fearne was being a good friend too.

Her work colleague Stuey had never been on an ice rink and Fearne made sure he didn’t miss out on the winter sport.

Skills: Fearne keeps her composure as Stuey skates past. Laughing so much at his ice skating gave her a headache

But she didn’t let the opportunity pass without having a good laugh at her pal’s attempts to skate.

She tweeted: ‘Took Stuey my radio producer ice skating today as he had NEVER been. Funniest thing I've seen. I gave myself a headache from laughing.’

But despite being a good friend to her producer pal, the Very fashion designer has admitted she is ‘obscenely jealous’ of best pal Holly Willoughby.

Best friends: Fearne Cotton revealed she is 'obscenely jealous' that best friend Holly Willoughby is pregnant with her second child

In an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine Cotton revealed that she is ‘unbelievably broody’ and her desire to have a family of her own has been heightened since Holly announced she is expecting her second child.

She also admitted she is envious of Holly’s curvy figure.

Fearne said: ‘She has boobs to die for. I have to stuff my bra or wear a big padded bra one.’

But despite the differences between the girls, they remain incredibly close and Fearne revealed she is keen for Holly to plan her wedding.

Fearne has only been engaged to skater boyfriend Jesse Jenkins for a few months but knows that her pal will be in charge on the big day.

She said: 'I can’t believe I’m ever going to be able to organise a wedding. I’m going to make Holly do it. She’s the super-planner and I’m the most disorganised girl in the world. If it ever happens, it’ll be because Holly makes it happen.'


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