Monday, December 13, 2010

Who was the worst? It definitely wasn't alright on the night for rookie X Factor presenters Stacey Solomon, Coleen Rooney and Michelle Keegan

By Sarah Fitzmaurice

Problematic: Despite the smiles Stacey Solomon, Coleen Rooney and Michelle Keegan had their fair share of challenges during their segments on the X Factor show on Saturday

One’s an old hand at the X Factor game, one’s a soap starlet and the other is one of Britain’s most well-known WAGs.

But when Stacey Solomon, Michelle Keegan and Coleen Rooney stepped in as location presenters for last night’s X Factor final, TV magic was made.

Shouts from the crowds, missed cues and bungled interviews left viewers debating which guest presenter was the worst.

Last year’s X Factor runner up and Queen of the Jungle Stacey Solomon rallied support for Matt Cardle down in Colchester, with Michelle holding up Doncaster for boyband One Direction.

Wayne Rooney’s other half Coleen, 24, cheered on Rebecca Ferguson in their hometown of Liverpool and all three girls had their fair share of problems.

Friendly: Stacey, overcome with all the emotion grabs one of Matt's supporters for a cuddle

An over-excited Stacey hurtled her way through interviews with enthusiasm a-plenty but the pitch and speed of her speech proved problematic for viewers.

Rosieposie246 posted: 'I could not stop laughing at Stacey Soloman ... she can't talk'

She certainly brought excitement to the Essex camp as she screamed Matt to victory alongside his friends, family and supporters.

Smile: Coleen kept positive despite her difficult interviews and beamed as she talked to the crowd

And the girls up north also faced challenges during their guest spots.

As Dermot linked to Coleen in Liverpool, the WAG stared gormlessly into the camera unaware she was live on air.

Coleen's interview skills were also out of touch as she repeated comments several times before one embarrassing and lengthy moment that saw her holding the mic in front of a lady who seemed oblivious to the mum of one.

And if that wasn’t enough the Mrs Rooney’s thick Liverpudlian accent was completely inaudible over the crowd’s screeches and screams.

One bemused viewer, mark_roberts93, tweeted: 'Next year on #xfactor when #Coleen Rooney is doing interviews there going to have to use subtitles!'

Gag: Michelle managed to fit in a joke with some bakers who had some specially made buns for One Direction

Coronation Street’s siren Michelle braved the crowds to report from Doncaster and was joined with supporters for Simon Cowell’s boyband.

She also found it tricky to control the animated crowd and struggled to keep her footing as crazed fans jumped into shot.

But the 23-year-old managed to keep her cool to bring perhaps the most coherent of the three reports and she even joked with a baker about the look of her X Factor buns.

She proved so popular that when One Direction were voted off first fans were annoyed to see the back of the Mancunian.

Where is she? Michelle gets lost in Doncaster crowd. All three girls found the number of people problematic

HeathcoteJ20 tweeted: 'Oh no with one direction out I won't see Michelle Keegan anymore tonight #gutted #xfactor'

The guest roles provided the girls with the perfect opportunity to demonstrate their skills and perhaps land a spot on the show next year.

Konnie Huq’s disastrous run fronting the Xtra Factor show has led to speculation from viewers on social networking sites that she will be booted off the show, so there is likely to be a spot available.

And judging from posts on Twitter last night it there is backing behind singer Stacey to replace the former Blue Peter Presenter.

One of Stacey's fans, Katomonkey, tweeted: '#stacey Soloman for xtra factor job!!!!'


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