Sunday, December 5, 2010

X Factor reject Wagner to be quizzed over claimed he cheated benefits system, confirms Iain Duncan Smith

By Daily Mail Reporter

Hello, ladies! X Factor reject Wagner Carrilho blows kisses to female fans after performing at the Revenge nightclub in Brighton

Wagner Carrilho is to be questioned over claims he cheated the benefits system, Iain Duncan Smith has warned.

The X Factor contestant, voted off the show last week, is likely to face investigation over how he was able to perform exuberant dance routines on the show while claiming incapacity benefit for a frozen shoulder, the Work and Pensions Secretary said yesterday.

Mr Duncan Smith said Wagner’s case symbolised the ‘real mess’ which the benefits system had become under Labour.

Wagner, 54, had been spotted performing an energetic dance routine by a benefit official who was aware of his claim, the minister told Sky News.

‘I suspect he’ll find that he’ll be asked to come in and explain himself,’ he added.
Wagner has denied cheating the benefits system.

Carrilho has said that he is the only contestant that will be remembered after the show has finished and slammed mentor Louis Walsh for trying to make him look 'inadequate'.

The Brazilian was speaking after performing at a nightclub in Brighton and one in Maidstone, Kent on Friday night where he was mobbed by female fans at both venues.

Talking exclusively to the Sunday Mirror, the former karate teacher said that he never thought he would win and being kicked off was the best thing to happen to his career.

He said: 'The winner might win... but that doesn’t mean you will have a career.'
He said he didn't think the remaining contestants had any charisma and added: 'I am ­wondering if they will get a career out of that... and I think I might.'

Blondes have more fun: Wagner cosies up to a fair-haired lady after the show

And he hinted that there may have been a plot to get him off the show when he said: 'I was surprised I was in the bottom three last week.

'But then, who counts the votes? The public never see the way they voted.'

Wagner was kept in the competition having drummed up massive public support but he slammed the judges who slated him week after week and said they wanted to make him look stupid.

A kiss for you: Wagner can't resist puckering up to a pretty brunette

Referring to his last performance on the show in which he sang Radiohead's Creep, he said: 'They did it to make me look stupid but they didn’t expect me to sing that well. The idea was to make me look bad with the lyrics. Like me confessing, "I’m a creep, a weirdo".

'I think the idea was to make me look inadequate but I changed it around because I sang it very well. I don’t want to do bouncy songs, I only wanted to do meaningful songs. There was no connection with the audience with those other songs, I could feel it.'

Wagner has played a handful of club nights since being voted off the show last weekend.

Brazilian boogie: Wagner struts his stuff on stage at the Liquid nightclub in Maidstone...

... before succumbing to the attentions of a female fan

On Friday night he played at Liquid nightclub in Maidstone, Kent before heading on to Revenge in Brighton before playing G-A-Y in London last night.

At all three venues he was mobbed by fans but insisted that he wouldn't be interested in pursuing any of them.

He said: 'I think I will find that if I took them aside and spoke with them and chatted for half an hour, the interest would be gone. I am sure they don’t want me. I mean some of them are 19, 18, 20. They are like, "Ah, Wagner, Wagner". But they love what they saw, not Wagner himself.

'Maybe if I was 20 years younger, then yes.'

Cheeky! Wagner is surrounded by two scantily-clad male dancers as he performs at G.A.Y in London last night


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