Monday, February 14, 2011

'It's the baby!' Emotional Holly Willoughby blames pregnancy hormones for tears on This Morning after birthday surprise


Happy birthday! Phillip Schofield surprises Holly Willoughby on This Morning with balloons and a birthday cake for her 30th

Many mothers will attest to the fact that pregnant women's emotions tend to run a little high.

Holly Willoughby certainly blamed her baby hormones for causing her to burst into tears live on air today on This Morning.

The pregnant television presenter was surprised by co-star Phillip Schofield and the crew with cake, balloons and flowers to celebrate her 30th birthday.

Ticker-tape parade: 'Don't cry!' Schofield laughs as the pregnant presenter became emotional over the fuss

As the show began Holly appeared gob smacked and emotional, surrounded by helium balloons and clutching a champagne flute of orange juice.

She explained to viewers: 'Literally two seconds before going on air all these balloons arrived and this orange juice wasn't in my hand!'

Before she could compose herself though, co-presenter Phillip yelled 'It's Holly's birthday!' as confetti showered down on the pair and music flared up.

Baby brain: Holly apologised for the tears, saying: 'Sorry, I'm going to be a bit like this all day today I'm afraid. It's the baby!'

Schofield giggled at Holly's tears, telling her: 'Don't cry,' before dashing off to fetch tissues.

'Sorry, I'm going to be a bit like this all day today I'm afraid,' Holly said as she dabbed her eyes. 'It's the baby!'

Phillip read out a text message from Holly's sister, which said: 'Can you wish little miss baby brain who has left her mobile at home so I can't get any birthday messages through to her, a fabulous 30th birthday?'

Birthday girl: Holly was read messages from friends, newspaper headlines from her day of birth as well as the number one single from her birthday

The celebrations continued throughout the show, with messages from viewers read to the presenter as well as the news headlines from her birth date, February 10, 1981, also read out.

They also played the song that was at number one in the charts on her birthday that year - 'Woman' by John Lennon.

'Isn't that amazing and I didn't know that until this morning,' Holly remarked.

Celebration: The 30-year-old was spotted carrying flowers and cake boxes to her car after the show

Amused be his co-star's emotional response to the fuss, Phillip joked: 'I'm going to carry on to see how much we can make you cry!'

Dog-lover Holly was also treated to a visit from some furry friends who happened to be in the studio to taste test different dog food recipes.

Phillip Schofield later told followers on Twitter that the crew on This Morning hadn't been shy in sampling Holly's gorgeous rose cake, and uploaded a photo of her looking disappointed next to an empty plate.

Who ate my cake? Phillip Schofield uploaded this picture of Holly after the crew sampled the cake

But luckily for the star, who is eating for two, there was a second cake for her to take home.

Holly, who is due to give birth in May, recently revealed on This Morning that she is expecting a girl.

She and her husband, Celebrity Juice producer Dan Baldwin, already have a 20-month old son, Harry.

Holly Willoughby's birthday treats on Celebrity Juice

source: dailymail

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