Thursday, February 24, 2011

Beyonce the African queen: After comments about bleached hair and 'paler' complexion Beyonce 'blacks up' in tribal-inspired shoot


Black face: Beyonce donned the heavy dark make-up with tribal-style stripes as well as a leopard print top in the photo in question for L'Officiel magazine

She was recently accused of looking 'too white' - but now Beyonce has donned black face make-up for a shoot in French fashion magazine L’Officiel Paris.

In their 90th-anniversary issue, the Crazy In Love star takes inspiration from African culture and wears head wraps as well as tribal-style clothing and accessories - and she is seen with her caramel skintones darkened by heavy make-up.

Respected fashion magazine L'Officiel has defended the shoot, saying in a statement that Beyonce was 'paying homage to African queens' and as a 'return to her African roots, as you can see on the picture, on which her face was voluntarily darkened.'

Usual complexion: The star posed without the face make-up in another outfit on the shoot for the magazine's March issue

The magazine added: 'As for the artistic make-up, the inspiration came from several African rituals during which paint is used on the face.

'We find the images beautiful and inspiring. The designs are all reflective of the African influence on fashion this season.'

Back to her roots: Beyonce donned a host of different headdresses for the African-inspired fashion shoot

L'Officiel continued: 'Miss Knowles poses with royal allure. A queen, a goddess, Beyonce is a bombshell beauty with a divine voice.'

There's been no statement yet from Beyonce's people.

Extravagant: The Crazy In Love singer wore garments described by the magazine as 'beautiful and inspiring'

Beauty: L'Officiel said that Beyonce had 'royal allure' during the shoot and that she was 'paying homage to African queens'

Earlier this month, Beyonce was seen sporting what was deemed a 'lighter look' with bleached blonde hair and skin that appeared to be paler than her usual shade, though dermalogical experts pointed out it was probably just a trick of the light.

And in August 2008, L’Oreal was accused of ‘whitewashing’ the star in an advert by digitally lightening her skin.

Regal: The stunning star shows off her beauty in another portrait featuring elaborate headwear and tribal-style clothing

At the time, the cosmetics house denied that the pictures had been altered in such a way but The New York Post newspaper called the advert ‘shocking’ and accused it of making the singer - who is married to fellow U.S. music star Jay-Z - look like a ‘weird, nearly white version of herself’.

The 90th anniversary cover issue of L'Officiel meanwhile with the shoot in question comes out in March.

Make-over: Beyonce, left, in concert in November 2007, and right, out and about in Los Angeles with her bleached hair earlier this month

source: dailymail

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