Thursday, February 17, 2011


For those still fighting their accessory addiction, hands shaking as they stave off the impulse to purchase an overpriced IT bag, fear not because dramatic costume jewellery is back in style. In recent times, fashions modernist look has forced us to keep the jewel box firmly closed and many women have found the no-jewel rule one of the most unacceptable aspects of fashion's recent sobriety. But now statement accessories are back.Hefty, mighty, bombastic necklaces were spotted at the latest European collections. Lanvin did the tribal feel with armour-like big plated necklaces, and beads that wrapped all the way up the neck. Yves Saint Laurent went back to the seventies Le Smoking theme, with shiny gold necklaces; so very Studio 54.

And just when you thought the choker was gone forever into the fashion inferno, it's back, seen on Jessica Alba and Olivia Palermo among others. Bright colour, modern metals, dripping tribal beads, twisted ropes or punk spikes, how you rock this trend is entirely up to you. It just needs to be big. Necklaces such as these demand attention and attract comments, so be prepared to stand out from the crowd.

 Costume jewellery has climbed triumphantly out of the doldrums and it is once again fashionable to wear dramatic sparkling jewels. Good news for those of us whose budgets don't stretch to a diamond necklace - we can make do and pretend. In recent years, wearing statement jewels has been as much a fashion faux pas as wearing polyester 'slacks' or tie dye. But now statement jewellery has replaced the statement bag.

The quickest way to update an outfit is not - as some magazines tell you - with a pair of scissors and the addition of gaudy buttons, but to invest in well-chosen accessories. In this trend, size matters - pick chunky, obvious pieces that you might normally shy away from. The high street is full of beads - from long shimmering ropes of jet for the Twenties look to bold statement necklaces.

Even rhinestones - rehabilitated on the international catwalks - and diamante are suddenly fashionable. If you are going to embrace the trend, remember to keep your outfit fairly sober, so that your sparkling jewels can make the statement. The easiest way to wear costume jewellery is with a simply-cut dress for an injection of glamour.

 "I have always felt a gift diamond shines so much better than one you buy for yourself.‟ Mae West

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