Monday, February 14, 2011

Kim Kardashian recreates Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra in sultry photoshoot for Harper's Bazaar


Double take: Kim Kardashian recreates Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra for Harper's Bazaar

She's one of the most famous beauties that ever lived.

But Kim Kardashian proved she can hold her own against Cleopatra as she recreated Elizabeth Taylor's famous interpretation of the queen of Egypt.

In a photoshoot for Harper's Bazaar, the 30-year-old posed reclining on a sofa, in an animal print dress which showed off her shapely figure.

Inspiration: with her dark hair and eyes, Kim looks just like Taylor's 1962 character

But in the accompanying interview Kim admits keeping her figure that trim does not come naturally.

'I'm on a diet. I need to be,' she said. 'I love to eat - Kit Kats or cookies-and-cream ice cream. I need sugar like five times a day.'

The full interview with Kim Kardashian is in the new issue of Harper's Bazaar, out now

And the reality TV star talked about her weight gain during her recent stay in New York, filming Kourtney And Kim Take New York.

'I worked out once. I gained like 10 pounds,' she said. 'All the papers were like, Kim’s pregnant!

'I ate the nuts on the street corner, the hot dogs, the street meat. It was not a joke.'

Kim also said that despite her recent declaration that she wants to experience life as a single woman, she finds it hard to marry relationships with her fame.

'What if I want to go on a date with someone in New York, and then I come home to L.A. and I go on a date?

'I could have slept with none of them, but I would be known as being a 'slore': a slut and a whore.

'But I'll do what I want. I have such a different outlook now.'
Kim also referred to her infamous sex tape, which was released at the start of her ascent to fame.

'I never made a business off of the tape,' she told the magazine.
'I made a business off my family and our TV show.

'Before the tape came out, we were in the works to do our TV show, but people don't know that. I thought there would be a lot of misconceptions about me, so it was not even a question that it had to be a family show.'

source: dailymail

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