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Kutcher to the rescue! Ashton breaks up 3am fight in London's Chinatown


Feeling poorly: Ashton Kutcher arrives at BBC Radio 1 yesterday afternoon after cancelling some of his earlier interviews

At some point, most employees will have called in sick to work after overdoing it the night before.

Ashton Kutcher, expected live on the air with Lorraine Kelly yesterday morning at the ITV studios, was feeling worse for wear after a very late night out in Chinatown - during which he broke up a fight.

Being an A-list star, he managed to convince TV producers to allow him to conduct the interview from his hotel room.

But he had no such luxury later, and was spotted still looking under the weather as he arrived for his afternoon interview on BBC Radio 1.

Wearing jeans and a blazer with a purple shirt and matching socks, the 33-year-old clutched a large cup of coffee as he half-heartedly greeted fans outside the studio.
The actor, in town to promote No Strings Attached, had a pale face and circles under his eyes.

When radio host Scott Mills asked how he was feeling, Ashton groaned in response, saying sarcastically: 'Fantastic.'

He admitted to partying a little too hard the night before, and added: 'I broke up a fight in China town.'

Party boy: The actor admitted to nursing a hangover after going out the night before

He comically explained how he played peace maker using his martial arts skills.
Ashton also revealed how at last weekend's Super Bowl game in Dallas, that former President Geroge Bush was less than chummy towards him.

Kutcher, who was seated behind the politician in the VIP bow, said: 'I don't think he's very happy with me. He wasn't very nice, he snubbed me a little bit.
'I think I said some mean things during the election about him and I feel like he doesn't like me.

Moderator: The 33-year-old explained to Radio 1 host Scott Mills that he broke up a fight in China town in the early hours of yesterday morning

'When Mills asked if it was simply a case of Bush ignoring him, Ashton replied: 'No, a bit more than that actually.

'Just curt,' he added, explaining his greeting as 'more of a burp. He turned around and gave me this scowl.'

Kutcher added that inside the VIP booth nobody's text messages were working except the former Presidents.

'He was sitting there sending messages on his Blackberry,' Ashton said. 'And I'm behind him leaning over trying to see what he's writing.'

Work hard, play hard: The actor is understood to have partied in a brothel-themed bar

Reports today claim that Ashton had partied at a brothel-themed bar in China town until 3am with wife Demi Moore.

Ashton managed to get through his interview with Lorraine Kelly yesterday morning from his hotel suite, and later poked fun at the ITV host's accent with Scott Mills.
'She sounded very sincere, and was very nice,' he said in an exaggerated, sing-song Irish accent.

'She reminded me of Glenda, the good witch from the Wizard of Oz.'

'I don't think he's very happy with me': Kutcher told how former President Bush snubbed him at the Super Bowl

While Ashton has been busy promoting No Strings Attached, his wife Demi has been getting down to the business of shopping.

The day before arriving in London, Demi was spotted hitting the designer stores of Paris with girlfriend Salma Hayek.

As the wife of fashion tycoon François-Henri Pinault, Salma has access to some of the world's top fashion houses, including Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga.

Let's shop! Demi Moore and Salma Hayek enjoy a spot of retail therapy in Paris yesterday

So while Kutcher attended interviews and photocalls for his latest film No Strings Attached - hilariously renamed as Sex Friends in France - the actresses splashed the cash in some of Paris' top boutiques.

In contrast to their usually glamorous red carpet looks, the two women looked casual yet stylish.

Mother-of-three Demi, 48, teamed a pair of skinny jeans with buckled ankle boots and a wool jacket, while Salma, 44, went for an all-black ensemble of leather skirt and boots, furry gilet and a fedora hat.

Bending the plastic: Demi and Salma opted for warm, casual outfits as they hit the boutiques of Paris

The pair visited Hermes and Lanvin, before stopping for lunch at the upmarket Hanawa restaurant.

Demi and Salma have been friends for many years and are rumoured to be teaming up in a new movie

Last summer, they were overheard talking about working together as they enjoyed a double-date with their husbands at the Avenue nightclub in New York.

Goofing around: Meanwhile, Demi's husband Ashton Kutcher was also in the French capital promoting his new film No Strings Attached, aka Sex Friends

Salma splits her time between Los Angeles and Paris - the latter being where her French husband spends most of the year running his PPR company.

Meanwhile, an equally casual Kutcher was across town promoting Friends With Benefits.
With his co-star Natalie Portman heavily pregnant and attending various awards due to her critically-acclaimed performance in Black Swan, it was left to the 33-year-old to promote it solo.

He kept photographers entertained by posing in front of a large poster of himself and Portman to pretend the actress was really there.

Travelling in style: Demi arriving at Roissy Airport in Paris from New York on Tuesday

'No Strings Attached' Trailer HD

source: dailymail

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