Friday, February 25, 2011

Now it's Papa holding the baby (till nanny takes over): David Furnish poses with baby Zachary after Daddy Elton John's turn


Perfect picture: David Furnish plays at the beach with his son Zachary Levon Furnish-John whilst Elton was having lunch

First it was Daddy beaming with joy. Yesterday it was Papa’s turn.

Two days after Sir Elton John was seen delightedly playing with eight-week-old son Zachary, his civil partner David Furnish was left holding the baby on a Hawaiian beach.

Not that he had to handle the task unsupported.

Helping hand: Then it was nanny's turn to take over babysitting duties as she strolled along the beach

A male companion in purple swimming shorts, believed to be a bodyguard, joined the party to take photographs of Furnish posing proudly with his son, in miniature blue sunglasses.

And a nanny was also conveniently on hand to stroll along the beach with the slumbering infant in her arms.

Furnish, a 48-year-old film producer, will be known as Papa by the child – with Sir Elton being called Daddy. The star – who turns 64 next month – and his partner became parents to Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John through a surrogate mother in Los Angeles on Christmas Day.

All smiles: First it was Daddy beaming with joy before Papa took over holding the baby

Last week, Sir Elton told how he wants Zachary to have as normal an upbringing as possible, saying he wanted the youngster to have ‘a solid old fashioned childhood.’

He said: ‘I so value my own childhood now, and the sense of wonder and personal discovery that I enjoyed, that we want to give Zachary – as much as we possibly can – the same thing. A solid old fashioned childhood, if you like.’

Sir Elton – who was famously revealed in court to have once spent £293,000 on flowers alone in a 20-month period – went on: ‘I know it’ll be hard with my life, but we want him to have that same normality and for things in life to have real value.

‘So we don’t intend to spoil him – we’re going to try and give him a fun, carefree time of innocence, freedom, love and stability.’

He and Furnish then left for Hawaii for their first family holiday with their son.

Combining business with pleasure, Sir Elton, whose fortune is estimated at £185million, performed two concerts this week at the Maui Arts & Cultural Centre in Kahului. Tickets were changing hands for more than £300.

source: dailymail

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