Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snubbed Stateside: Cheryl Cole misses out on judging job on U.S. X Factor show

By Sarah Fitzmaurice

Snubbed: Cheryl Cole is said to have missed out on a judging role on the U.S. X Factor show but is said to be being considered as a helper for Simon Cowell. Her accent and her profile in America are said to have been an issue for Fox execs

Speculation over whether she will be taking her seat next to Simon Cowell on the judging panel of the U.S. version of the X Factor has been running for weeks.

But Cheryl Cole’s American dream seems to have been dealt a fatal blow as it has emerged she has missed out on the top job, according to reports.

Instead of a judging role it appears she will be offered the role of Simon Cowell’s helper on the American version of the show, a huge blow to her hopes of launching her career stateside.

The role will be similar to the part played by the singer Sinnitta, who has helped the music mogul with his acts on the U.K. version of the show.

One source told the Daily Star: ‘People just don’t know who she is over there and people struggle to understand what she is saying.

‘Simon is consoling her with the offer of helping him win the first series, which would give her profile a massive boost.’

It is understood that executives at Fox TV have been wary of offering a place on the U.S. version of the hit talent show, despite her overwhelming success on the U.K. version, because of her strong Geordie accent.

Winning team? While Simon is said to be championing Cheryl in the U.S. it is believed the pair have not met up in the U.S. and it's up to Fox executives to determine the line-up of the show

Cheryl has always been fiercely proud of her gritty northern roots and regional accent, but if viewers in the U.S. can't understand what she's saying, the show will be in breach of strict U.S. TV regulations.

A source said: 'If audiences and contestants can't understand her, it is actually a regulatory offence.'

Worried TV chiefs are thought to have drafted in top Hollywood voice coach Bob Corff, who has worked with Sharon Osborne and on films including Kick-Ass in the past, to help Cheryl sound more 'American'.

Getting close: Cheryl and Derek Hough, who spent New Year's Eve together in South Africa, have been spending time together in L.A. and she was even invited to a family dinner to meet his mother and stepfather

But while she has been making every effort to appeal to American audiences and is said to have the support of Simon Cowell her aspirations appear to have been dampened.

A source told the paper: ‘Simon Cowell is still one of her biggest supporters. But even though the X Factor is his idea it’s the executives at Fox who have the ultimate say over the make-up of the show.’

But while the music mogul is said to champion Cheryl’s cause it has been reported that they haven’t met up since she has been in LA.

The source added: ‘Cheryl hasn’t heard or seen him since she arrived.’

And as her dreams of landing the top role on the American show are disappearing show bosses in the U.K. have already been looking for her replacement on the reality show with Supermodel Naomi Campbell being lined up to her place.

Still in contact: As Cheryl gets closer to Derek it has been reported that she speaks to former husband Ashley Cole 'everyday for hours'

But while focus has been on the uncertainty of her career there is also considerable curiosity surrounding her relationship status as she is said to have spent her time in Hollywood holed up in her hotel with Derek Hough but is also said to be in regular contact with ex-husband Ashley Cole.

Cheryl is said to have spent her time stateside staying in with dancer Derek at her villa at the Sunset Marquis complex in West Hollywood.

And the pair seem to have been getting on so well that Cheryl was invited to a family dinner with Derek’s mother Marriann and stepfather Aaron at Soho house in LA.

The dancer’s sister Julianne Hough and her boyfriend TV presenter Ryan Seacrest were also present for the dinner to celebrate Derek’s mother’s birthday.

And it seems that the singer was a big hit with Derek’s parents and a source from the restaurant told The Sunday Mirror: ‘Derek’s mum and dad looked very taken with Cheryl and his mum spent a fair amount of time locked in conversation with her.’

But while the pair seem closer than ever it has also been reported that Cheryl has been very much in contact with her ex-husband Ashley Cole.

The former couple are said to have met up on a number of occasions and a source told the Daily Star that Ashley calls the singer every day spending hours on the phone.

The source at Chelsea’s Cobham training ground told the paper: ‘It’s like the first flush of love again. He calls her ‘my sweet Geordie princess’ – something the other lads take the mickey out of him relentlessly for.’


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