Monday, February 14, 2011

That's gotta hurt! Chloe Madeley ends up badly bruised after nasty fall on the ice


Going... going: Chloe Madeley and Michael Zenezini trip as they rehearse their routine at the Dancing On Ice studios at Shepperton

Dancing On Ice contestant Chloe Madeley is badly bruised after a nasty fall during rehearsals yesterday.

The TV presenter, 23, tripped and crashed onto the ice, bringing her professional partner Michael Zenezini, 30, down with her as she practiced at Shepperton Studios in Surrey.

Despite being in constant pain, Madeley is determined not to let her injury after her performance on Sunday's live show.

Gone! Madeley lands on the hard ice with her partner Michael soon joining her

A Dancing On Ice spokesperson said: 'Chloe was doing her jeté and instead of landing on her foot flatly she caught her toe pick and crashed on the ice.

'Michael who was right behind her and fell on top of her but managed to avoid cutting her.

'Chloe was surprised as she had never messed this move up before.'

Writing on her Twitter page today: 'Arm still killing, plus I fell on it yesterday pretty badly, but I don't care, I just don't want it to affect routine.'

Ouch: Chloe has been nursing her bruised body with ice packs, but is determined it won't affect Sunday's performance

Chloe admitted she spent Thursday night resting and cheering herself up with chocolate, with her parents Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan looking after her.

Richard wrote on on his Twitter: 'Right, off for Arnica cream, tablets, witch hazel, and all the other stuff you've recommended for bruise-busting. Thanks, gang!'
Joking last night, Chloe said: 'It'll be fine it just hurts like a *#*@*+*@*?* right now! thanks though!.

'On my 6th Hob Nob, had a big fall and I'm comforting myself with choccie. Will be fine by tomorrow, just need to sleep on ice... eugh, ice!'

DOI: Chloe Madeley injured

Dancing On Ice Chloe Madeley Week 3 2011

source: dailymail

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