Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where are your stilettos when you need them! Pint-sized Coleen Rooney struggles with boot door on super-sized car


Tiptoes: Coleen just about manages to reach the top of the boot door to close it after a shopping trip with son Kai

She might absolutely love her £100,000 black Overfinch Range Rover.

But Coleen Rooney may want to consider settling for something a little smaller - or make sure she keeps her heels to hand at all times.

The WAG, who stands at 5ft 3in in her stockinged feet, struggled to reach the top of the door to the boot of her car as she returned from a shopping trip today.

Coleen, 24, stretched her body as tall as she could go to close the door after loading in her shopping.

And her flat shoes didn't help, although she may want to consider wearing heels, or at least keeping some in the car for future shopping trips.

Coleen had been out with Kai in Wilmslow, Manchester, picking up a few essentials.

Making room: Coleen Rooney struggles to put the seat part of son Kai's buggy into the boot of her car after a shopping trip

Having put her shopping bags into the back seat, she then took Kai out of his buggy and fastened him securely into his car seat.

And she looked as though she was also having a bit of difficulty lifting it over the bottom half of the door, which in hindsight she should have pulled down to make it easier.

Loading up: Coleen and Kai arrive back at the car laden down with shopping bags

First things first: Coleen lifts off the shopping and puts it on the back seat before putting Kai in his car seat

She then stood on her tiptoes to pull down the boot door before heading off home.

But all in all, it was probably a nice day out for Coleen, who got to spend some time with her 15-month-old boy on a break from her busy working schedule.

Hope it fits: Coleen lifts up the buggy seat to manoeuvre it into the boot

This week, Coleen launched her very first fashion range, that she designed and modelled for the Littlewoods catalogue.

The 25-piece spring/summer range includes maxi dresses, shifts, sharp tailoring and prom styles.

Debut: Coleen models two of her creations from her very first fashion range

source: dailymail

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