Sunday, April 3, 2011

Are the screaming girls wearing thin? Justin Bieber avoids his fans by sneaking in the back door


Caught: Justin Bieber has a rare moment of quiet as he sneaks in the back door of the O2 Arena in Berlin

He is followed everywhere he goes by hordes of squealing fans.

But the constant pandemonium may be getting to Justin Bieber, who looked exhausted as he sneaked in the back door of Berlin's O2 Arena today.

His rare covert arrival will have disappointed a group of fans who were waiting for him at the front entrance.

Missing out: His eager fans waited by the front entrance but didn't get to see their idol

The 17-year-old singer is usually happy to greet the 'Beliebers' that are a near-constant presence wherever he goes, but today it appeared as though Justin needed a rest from the tween screaming.

He looked exhausted as he made his way into the venue with his head down and surrounded by burly bodyguards and minders.

He flashed a weary 'peace' sign at photographers, but his expression made it clear that he was in no mood for the press today.

His obvious fatigue is understandable, given his non-stop schedule. Justin is in the middle of a world tour.

Hiding: The singer ducked his head and was surrounded by burly bodyguards

Strain: Justin flashed a peace sign but looked exhausted after months on a world tour

He has five dates left on the European leg of the tour before stops in Tel Aviv, Kuala Lumpar and Jakarta, before heading to Australia.

The teen will finally get a break after the final show in Manila on May 10.

Justin was pictured looking distracted and forlorn during a press conference this week in Antwerp, before attempting to cover himself while rushing back to his car through a crush of fans afterwards.

The Never Say Never singer is usually far more fan-friendly, and goes out of his way to greet his 'Beliebers'.

Too much? The singer, currently on a world tour, was pictured looking forlorn during a press conference in Antwerp

Protection: This week Bieber covered himself with a board as he made his way through crowds in Antwerp

When Justin was locked inside his hotel in Liverpool last month because police feared the thousands of fans camped outside would turn into a riot situation, he expressed frustration and managed to negotiate an appearance on the balcony to greet them.

Hysterical fans were seen sobbing after catching a glimpse of Justin in Paris last week, in scenes reminiscent of Beatlemania.

After the phenomenal success of Bieber documentary Never Say Never, which grossed over $72 million, reports this week say that he may be setting his sights on Hollywood.

Pandemonium: He was greeted by hysterical fans in Paris before that

Rumours that the teenage heartthrob and Ashton Kutcher may be teaming up for new comedy film Would Kenny Do have emerged.

According to reports, the two are currently locked in talks with Hollywood big shots about taking on the lead roles.

The film is about the relationship between a 17-year-old and his thirty-something self, and Ashton is reportedly being considered to play the older version of Bieber.

justin bieber singing happy birthday to his mom(hair catching fire)

Justin Bieber, Berlin 02.04 singing HAPPY BDAY for PATTIE

source: dailymail

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