Saturday, April 9, 2011

Billie Piper brings two-year-old son Winston to pick daisies in the park

By Daily Mail Reporter

Mum on the run: Billie Piper dashes over to her two-year-old son Winston as he explores Primrose Hill on a sunny Saturday afternoon

With Spring well and truly here, Billie Piper was just one of dozens of parents who brought her children to enjoy the sunny day in Primrose Hill yesterday.

The actress, 28, and a few friends soaked up the sun in the North London park while her two-year-old son Winston picked daisies nearby.

Sat chatting to her pals while keeping a close eye on her child as he explored the park, she then jumped up and made a quick dash to catch him as he tried to waddle away.

I'll take those: Piper beams at the toddler as he hands her some daisies

After catching up with the toddler, she was thrilled when the blonde-haired boy gave her a clutch of daisies he had picked.

Clearly feeling warm in the balmy temperatures, little Winston was running around the park in a long-sleeved T-shirt and his nappy.

Meanwhile, his famous mother was going for the laid-back look in a navy maxi dress and leopard-print ballet pumps.

What's he doing..? Billie studies her son to see what's he doing, before dashing over to play

Missing out on the fun was Winston's father, actor Laurence Fox, star of crime drama Lewis.

Billie's day at the park came as she revealed she was struggling to find work following the recent climax of her Secret Diary Of A Call Girl show, which ended last month after four series.

In an interview with trade magazine Hollywood Reporter, she said: ''I'm just trying to find a job. We're back to the drawing board.

'It's frustrating, it's tiring. It's desperate. You slightly lose your mind. You have no confidence, then you have too much confidence.

What have you got for mummy? Winston keeps Billie's attention as she spends the day at the park with friends

'It's an endless frustration. That's the nature of the beast. You have to suck it up and get on with it.'

She said the credit crunch had dramatically reduced TV budgets and most of the best-paid work was in the U.S.

She explained: 'Things are getting made a lot faster for less money and there are a lot fewer opportunities for actors.

'There's not a lot of work in the UK - that's why everyone's moving to America. It's where the work seems to be. But it definitely feels like a lot more of a slog to get a gig these days.'

This is fun: Billie helps her son pick some daisies


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