Saturday, April 30, 2011

BRIDAL BEAUTY TIPS: with top make-up artist Ann- Marie Carey.

IT'S meant to be the happiest day of your life. But for many brides, the prospect of being the centre of attention adds to the stress levels. Some go to extremes, such as having breast implants, reconstructive dental work or liposuction. But the real secret to looking beautiful on your big day is to relax and keep it simple. Here, we bring you the best hair, make-up and well-being tips to make you look and feel fabulous.

If like most brides you go down the route of Fake Tan, please have a trial with your therapist well in advance to avoid the dreaded "Tangoed" look. Also make sure you emphasize to your therapist that it is for your wedding day and maybe opt for a light mist as opposed to a dark tan especially if you haven't tanned before. What most Irish Brides don't realise is that Pale Irish skin is beautiful and if well exfoliated and moisturised,can be just as flattering as bronzed skin.You could also try developing tans like the Johnson & Johnson’s ,Dove or Garnier, they build up over a few days applications and can be a little more natural and you are less likely to run the risk of being "Orange"
Most brides at trial consultation will tell me that the makeup look they really want to achieve for their wedding day is to look like themselves but more defined and "Pretty Natural" Natural warm browns or pretty greys and navy's are popular choices for brides eye make up.
Definition can be achieved without going as far as a smoky eye, this can look too OTT when put together with a stark white wedding dress, even ivory dresses can make heavy eyes appear harsh, so, do keep this in mind. Remember if your wedding is day time, you do not want to look or feel too harsh or made up.

With a good primer, foundtion, concealer and setting powder your base will last all day.
Some light definition on your eyes and gentle contouring, blush and lipcolour, the only make up products you should need to keep your make up application in place would be Powder (Mac Blot Powder is my favourite for my brides and comes in different shades) to retouch shiny areas after dancing and possibly some lip-gloss or lipstick to reapply after your meal or as required, you will probably be talking quite a lot and your lips could become dry, lip balm is an essential. 

I always recommend a trial with brides. It's not only an opportunity to see how you will look, it also gives you the chance to meet your make up artist before the morning of your wedding . If you decide to do your own make up on your wedding day, like Kate Middleton, I would suggest you get as much research done as possible. Try out different ranges by getting samples from the counters or ask for an application and watch the makeup artist and ask as many questions as possible.

Do try to delegate as much as possible. Have daily lists and tick off as you go. There is absolutely nothing worse than stress to ruin anyone’s day and especially your wedding day.Stress can cause many problems internally but can also cause redness around chest, neck area and in unfortunate cases can flare up eczema, cause breakouts and accentuate frown lines.The more you have organised, the less you will have to stress about.

Sleep is vital for fresh skin, eyes and can make all the difference. The amount of brides who I've seen sipping Rescue Remedy is hilarious, they swear by it to relax and keep nerves at bay.
Your mind will be buzzing when in planning stage but if you need to have a deep soak in a bath, listen to your favorite music, watch TV or do some cleaning to make yourself sleepy then do it. But do try getting as much sleep as possible, you'll look the entire fresher for it and also you'll be more likely to be capable of dancing till the wee small hours too. 


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