Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cheryl Cole's hair reaches dizzying new heights as she fronts a hairspray campaign

By Daily Mail Reporter

The bigger the better: Cheryl Cole sports a huge bouffant quiff as she fronts a new campaign to celebrate 50 years of L'Oreal Elnett hairspray

It's the hairspray that the makers claim can be easily brushed out of your hair.

But we think that Cheryl Cole might have a job on her hands trying to get a comb through that.

The Girls Aloud star shows off huge bouffant hair for a new ad campaign for L'Oreal's Elnett hairspray which is celebrating its 50th birthday.

The singer, 27, looks every inch the rock 'n' roll chick, her dark locks backcombed and lifted up into the funky style.

Described by Elnett as the 'rock it' look, the quiff is lit by the gold background as she turns her head to the side, showing off the tattoo on her neck.

There are three other styles - the 'glam it' and 'work it' - which Cheryl adopts for the campaign.

Earlier this month, a candid picture of the star was posted on Twitter by her PR company as she filmed the ad campaign.

Anyone got a comb? Cheryl Cole's PR company posted up a picture of her having a seriously bad hair day as she was being styled for a new L'Oreal advert

Cheryl was signed as the face of L'Oreal in 2009 and fronted a couple of campaigns including one for Elvive shampoo and Glam Shine lipgloss.

Meanwhile, Cheryl continues to try and crack America as she waits to see if the US X Factor job will be hers.

But her hopes were dashed this week when she was not only snubbed by Jennifer Hudson, who mistook her for singer Sheryl Crow, but she was described by an influential U.S. blogger as ‘a Brit singer convicted of assault’ and referred to as ‘this Cole woman’.

A tough one to crack: According to an influential showbiz blogger, Cheryl will have trouble trying to impress the Americans

Nikki Finke, editor of Deadline Hollywood said Cheryl is a ‘shoo-in’ for the U.S. version of the show alongside Paula Abdul – but she isn’t holding back on the fact she isn’t convinced by the Geordie singer.

She said none of the contestants will 'have a clue' about her and then detailed Cheryl’s ‘rough’ history including her conviction for assault and subsequent community service.

But boss Simon Cowell is still backing her and told Finke: ‘I’d only met her literally once when I offered her the job on X Factor.

'I thought she was bright, cute, knew what she was talking about, ambitious. And you meet someone special a few times in your life.. And this girl is special.’


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