Thursday, April 21, 2011

Coleen Rooney slams abusive Twitter users after receiving a barrage of offensive messages about Wayne

By Daily Mail Reporter

Shocked: Coleen Rooney, seen here with son Kai in Cheshire last week, was sent abusive messages to her Twitter account about allegations her husband Wayne cheated on her with a prostitute

She remained calm and dignified as allegations that her footballer husband had slept with a prostitute.

But Coleen Rooney can only take so much, and yesterday the WAG made her feelings clear to a couple of Twitter users after they sent her abusive messages.

Coleen, 25, confronted a couple of bullies on the networking site who appeared to take great delight in tormenting her over the allegations of Manchester United striker Wayne's alleged infidelity.

She first received a message from a user called Louise Horgan, who wrote: 'You Will Probally (sic) See In The Papers He's Shagged Someone Again.'

A stunned Coleen replied: 'Don't be bothered about my life love!!!'

Horgan then said: 'I'm Not Bothered I'm Just Sayin.'

Coleen, who only joined Twitter two days ago, then sent a message to her brother Anthony, giving him instructions to tell her husband to 'bath him, give him his milk then bed'.

The first round of abuse: Twitter user Louise Horgan started sending horrible messages to Coleen last night

The abuser: Louise Horgan, as she appears on her Twitter profile

Horgan, who obviously still reading Coleen's tweets, wrote: 'Wayne Can't Bath Him or Giv Him Milk Or Put Him Bed Because He's Shagging A Prozzy In. YOUR Bed.'

Coleen tried to laugh her abusive comment off and said: 'Ha Thats become old now news you know!! Haven't you got ur own boyfriend and son to be worrying about, instead of mine!!'

To which Horgan wrote: 'At least Myne (sic) Aint Cheating Haaa.'

Then her friend, Chelsie Hird, got in on the act and sent her own nasty messages to Coleen.

She wrote: 'do u like gettin cheated on every week ? ure oviusly (sic) with rooney for the money dirty sl**.'

Getting in on the act: Horgan's friend Chelsie Hird then sent her own abusive messages to Coleen

Even Horgan seemed shocked and wrote to her friend: 'She's Got Hew Own Money Dopey and She's Been With Him For Years.'

Hird wrote more to Coleen and said, 'haha na seriously finish with him u culd do better', to which Coleen responded, 'Now Now don't be bitter!!!!'

Coleen then had the good sense to block both of the girls from following her and deleted their messages from her page.

But they seemed indignant about that, with Hird demanding, 'y have you blocked me!@ and Horgan added: 'She's blocked me!'

However, Coleen's fans soon came out in defence with one called Adam Murray telling Horgan: 'Louise leave her alone u arlarse (sic) she hasn't done anything to u!!'

And another added: 'you're dealing with the nasty people brilliantly. Shame that some people find it easy to be like that. Just block em and ignore.'

Standing by her man: Coleen kept a dignified silence after the allegations against Wayne surfaced

Wayne found himself at the centre of the allegations after prostitute Jennifer Thompson claimed that she had a three-in-a-bed romp with Wayne and hooker Helen Wood in 2009, while Coleen was pregnant with their son Kai.

But Coleen wasn't the only celebrity that Horgan and Hird attacked via their Twitter pages, with The Only Way Is Essex stars getting abuse too.

She told Lydia Bright that she 'Punch You If I Could !!! Your Mum Is Even More Annoying Tho'

And Hird wrote to X Factor contestant Cher Lloyd and said: '

@CherLloyd audition to be in a video with YOU is that a joke ? Can't wait to watch this sh**.'

Telling her story: Prostitute Helen Wood, seen here at Aintree earlier this month, is believed to have had sex with Wayne and Jennifer Thompson


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