Friday, April 29, 2011

Elsa McAlonan on Kate's make-up: Just a tad too much mascara

By Elsa Mcalonan

Doing your own bridal beauty when two billion people are watching is a brave move

Fresh, modern and natural — three words that sum up our newest princess and which sum up the make-up look she chose for her wedding day.

It’s a brave move to decide to do your own bridal beauty, especially when there are two billion people scrutinising your every move. This was not the time for experimenting.

But she is very good at her own make-up, and it was revealed this week that she has been taking lessons from Arabella Preston, who specialises in bridal makeovers.

The result? Yes, there was a touch more make-up than usual. Many wouldn’t have expected a heavy hand on such an important day. Kate, after all, is a sporty, outdoorsy girl who radiates health and happiness from within.

But she got the look she wanted — which is to say, one she felt confident and comfortable with and one which her Prince would love.

Her eye make-up, in particular, was slightly stronger than she usually wears, with a grey taupe shadow in the socket and her favourite black eyeliner under and above the eye.

Her long lashes looked fuller, but it looked like this was down to a couple of coats of mascara and not extensions. Kate stocked up with Lancome’s Hypnose Mascara last week — which can be layered for thicker, fuller lashes.

As for the eyeliner, we never see Kate without it. It has become her trademark — but thank goodness she softened it for the wedding and didn’t end up looking like Victoria Beckham, whose blacker-than-black smoky eyes made her look like a Posh panda.

Kate looked like she had a professional eyebrow shape a few days before the wedding. Her brows looked more defined, darker than usual and she probably used a fine pencil to draw in a little more shape.

Her skin was glowing — possibly thanks to the Crystal Clear Oxygen Therapy facial she had a few days ago — but the natural radiance could be enhanced by a sheer base (such as the new Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation), which is one notch above a tinted moisturiser and perfect for even the most foundation-phobic.

Her blusher, a proper bridal rose shade, looked more obvious than we’ve seen on her before, but was perfect for the cameras and will look great in the millions of pictures. Kay Montano said she would have used Chanel’s Rose Temptation, a deep pink, to get exactly the same effect.

Loose powder is a bride’s best friend and, according to Barbara Daly, who did Princess Diana’s wedding day make-up, it’s the most important item in the beauty kit.

Kate’s skin had just enough gleam under the bright lights in Westminster Abbey, with no hint of shimmer or shine, and that’s probably down to a light dusting of the finest powder applied to the bits most prone to oiliness (forehead, nose and chin).

She kept licking her lips (perhaps the only sign of nerves), but her pink toned nude lipstick stayed put throughout. It was a good choice of lip colour and won’t date in pictures.

Loose powder is a bride¿s best friend and, according to Barbara Daly, who did Princess Diana¿s wedding day make-up, it¿s the most important item in the beauty kit

Her nails had to be ready for the mother of all close-ups. Celebrity manicurist Marina Sandoval (who counts The Duchess of Cornwall among her clients) did Kate’s manicure the day before the wedding. She chose a natural look — short, beautifully shaped nails with a couple of coats of the palest pink.

When I got married, I remembered good advice from the top make-up artist Mario De Luigi, who said: ‘On your wedding day, you want to look like yourself, only better.’

We’ve come to love our natural, fresh-faced Kate and on the most important day of her life, she got it right, ready to face the future with her brilliant, beautiful smile.


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