Sunday, April 10, 2011

FASHION FIX :Dressing an Apple Shape

Liz Hurley, Julia Roberts and Demi Moore are famous actresses, but what else do they have in common? Well believe it or not - it‘s their figures - they are both an apple shape. An apple-shape usually refers to women who have a full bust, waist and upper back, and it generally means that you store fat around the mid-section of your bodies. This unfortunately means your stomach, abdomen and chest, but the excellent news is that you‘ll also have slender thighs and upper legs as well. For most apple shapes, dressing up means covering up. However, that‘s not what is needed; you need to learn to draw attention to the right body parts and to take away attention from your problem areas. The main purpose here is to draw attention away from the tummy, and focus attention to your best attributes which include your sensual breasts and legs. Balance is always what you are looking for.



 To enjoy a somewhat slimming effect around your waist and hips, so you need skirts and trousers with flat fronts and the fastenings should preferably be on the sides. Ruched and gathered top conceal the tummy, as do dresses with a low slung waist. For flabby tummies, head for Petit Bateau‘s women‘s T-shirts (020-7228 7233, Calvin Klein jeans (at department stores), Whistles occasionally and Jigsaw in general can be friendly to flabby tummies.

With a large tummy and long legs, it‘s difficult for people with apple shapes to find jeans. When the waist fits, the inseam in the leg tends to be too short or too bulky. Search for stretch jeans with a little give because they will fit your figure like a glove. For jeans, try Gap, andDonna Karan DKNY/DKNY Jeans, which are generally far more generous in the cut. Jeans with boot or straight leg will create a symmetrical line and balance out the apple effect. Never wear jeans with an elastic waistband, not only are they horribly naff, but the bunching will add inches to your abdomen and that‘s exactly what you don‘t need.

Tops with V necks and those which puff up around the breasts will help in drawing more attention to the bust line and they will help to downplay the abdominal region. Avoid fitted or tailored pieces, especially those with a waistband that is very clear for all to see, as this will draw attention to your middle; instead opt for trousers and skirts that are straight. If your legs are slender, play them up by wearing slim cigarette pants, which you can team with a crisp white shirt. The shirt should flair out slightly to help disguise your large stomach but do try to keep the silhouette slick, baggy smock tops may be good for disguising unsightly bulges but they don‘t go down so well in a corporate environment. So keep styles like this for lazy weekends and time spent relaxing with friends.

WHEN DRESSING to flatter your figure, your main challenges will be to maintain the figure
balance that you already have and create the illusion of a defined waistline so that you look more like the hourglass ideal. When you are choosing something special to wear at a black tie dinner or a ball, stay away from anything in a clingy, shiny fabric as it will only serve to emphasise your boyish frame, instead, look to stars such as Cameron Diaz for inspiration. When Cameron hit‘s the red carpet, she usually opts for fluid flowing gowns in delicate chiffons and lace; it‘s a wise choice as it makes her look feminine and sensual, rather than boyish and lanky.

Cameron often picks fitted, structured dresses to show off her enviable figure but if that‘s not really your thing - why not try a retro style prom dress? 40 year old style icon Gwen Stefani also has a boyish figure but does that stop her from looking chic and individual - no way! To capture her ‗50s look, try pinup or rockabilly dresses, and halter tops in bright colours, bold patters, or leopard prints. A gorgeous prom dress will make you look feminine and stylish - creating gorgeous curves where none exist.

Avoid styles, such as draped dresses or trapeze styles that hide your shape. Your other big
challenge will be to create the illusion of a defined waistline. Placing emphasis on the waist or midriff area in such a way that you appear to have a defined waistline will make your figure look shapelier. If you wish to show off your figure and love what you have, rather than bringing focus to your waistline there are numerous other styles which are just as flattering. In this case look for dropped waistlines in a sheath or a beautiful beaded 20‘s style flapper dress to show off your unique, glorious self .To finish your look, just add a wiggle to your walk with a pair of heels. Past 50, a kitten heel is more flattering, and less likely to break your hip but if you are in your forties - they sky is the limit. Remember, a fantastic pair of heels can promote an ordinary outfit to a new league of style.

"Elegance is a question of personality, more than one‟s clothing."
- Jean-Paul Gaultier


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