Sunday, April 10, 2011

FASHION FIX; Dressing a Pear Shape:

A LOT of older women fall into the pear shaped category but in order to make the most of your curves, it‘s important to know how to dress to suit your shape. So throw away that calorie counter and cut up the measuring tape ladies, because it‘s time to dress for the figure you have not the one you wish that you wish you had. Remember, most of the time our body shapes are fine - it is the clothes we wear that are wrong.


WITH THE right outfit a pear can look extremely feminine and forty-something stars such as Jennifer Anniston and Kirstin Davis are perfect examples of how to dress this particular body type, so let‘s get to it. All right, here are a few ground rules you will need to follow - Pears generally have a smaller chest, shoulders and wider hips, so if f that sounds like you, you should wear clothes that minimise hips and draw attention up towards the neckline. Pear-shapes should also look for jeans that are cut to reduce the size of their hips and thighs. What you really want is a softly flared or boot cut jean, which will give you a long, lean look.

All pockets should lie flat against the body so as not to add more volume to the thighs or bottom. Also, back pockets that are too small will make your bottom appear much larger- all in all, medium-sized back pockets look best. When you are buying jeans, there are two main things to consider; colour and cut. If you are a pear, your jeans should always be a darker denim wash because this shade is not only incredibly slimming - it also looks the smartest on older women. The style is the most important thing to consider when it comes to choosing jeans, so pear-shaped women should take the time and effort to really find a pair with the most flattering cut for their body.


 JACKETS THAT stop at or above your hips are the best choice for your figure, so look for styles with a nipped in waist or belt to emphasise the slimmest part of your body. The good news is that you can wear most shirts and tops that more top heavy girls can‘t, so make the most of it and show off your shape. Also, try out bold necklaces or dramatic scarves to draw the attention to your upper half - and away from your hips. Do not wear anything too fitted or slinky on your bottom and thighs; instead, chose fabrics that skim the figure and avoid anything too clingy.

Trousers that sit on your waist will make your bottom look much bigger than it is, especially from behind, so choose a pair that sit just below the waist line. Make the most of your waist and give the illusion of an hour-glass figure with a skinny belt and my personal favourite - a big skirt, which is ideal for hiding large hips. The best places to shop are might check out Sonia Rykiel and East and I‘ve also heard that Principles are especially good for pear shapes.

When it comes to fabric you should never, ever wear silk or satin because it is one of the most unflattering materials on curvy figures. We all know about satin: it‘s unforgiving on the boobs and a nightmare in the underwear department. A satin bias-cut dress may look incredible hanging on the rack but, trust me; it will only make you look enormous once you try it on. Fabrics such as satin, silk and Lycra will cling to your widest part making you appear much wider than you actually are.


FINDING EVENING DRESSES that flatter a curvy body can be frustrating but there are plenty of fresh choices out there once you know what you are looking for. If you have a smooth wrinkle free cleavage (lucky thing) you wear anything from sexy strapless gowns to sensual halter styles. However, if your cleavage is sun damaged, it‘s best to go for dresses that cover this area with a hint of chiffon or lace.

As for shapes, why not try a maxi dress? This seventies retro style is flamboyantly feminine, involving swathes of floor-length floral fabric swirling from a slight empire line bodice. If you aren‘t keen on showing your legs, then this is the dress for you. Also great if you‘re pear shaped because the volume of lightweight fabric will cover a multitude of lumps and bumps.

Finish your look with a pair of stilettos; if you can‘t walk well in them, learn and discover the joys of feeling four inches taller. Follow this simple advice and, trust me, you‘ll not only feel great being a pear - you‘ll also look good enough to eat.

  "Accentuate your best features and disguise what you are not so happy with. Choose outfits that fit and make you look comfortable rather than those that are up-to-the-minute." - Giorgio Armani



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