Sunday, April 10, 2011

FIGURE FIXERS; Dressing a big bottom

All women, as Mae West put it so succinctly in the Thirties, 'Have to choose between their face and their butt‘. She spotted the dilemma that if you diet and work out obsessively to achieve a slim toned physique, the chances are your face will look drawn and your skin will seem baggy and wrinkled. Given the choice, I think that I‘ll stick with my robust rump even though I have a love/hate relationship with it - but I‘m not the only one. Kelly Brooke thinks hers is too wobbly. Victoria Beckham thinks hers is too small. Naomi Campbell thinks hers is great. Bums, butts, buns, bottoms, behinds. Love or loathe yours, you‘re saddled with it. And no amount of dieting or exercise is ever going to change the basic shape. So you‘re either blessed or, as Victoria would have it, cursed.

There‘s always something we don‘t like, whether it‘s the size of our bust, the length of our legs or the shape of our bum or thighs. We have all struggled to find clothes that will not only disguise the offending areas, but will also make the most of what we‘ve got. Big stomachs and bottoms are a common affliction for women as we age but while we can‘t all be size zeros like Kate Moss, we can make the most of our body shape. Many larger ladies hide their bums beneath swathes of unflattering, baggy clothes but, to be honest, this just makes it easier to spot bigger bottoms. So don‘t be tempted to go baggy to conceal your rear. It just makes your thighs and bottom look enormous. You‘re better off going for a tighter fit.

If you want to make the most of your bottom, the key is to look at your figure objectively and try to figure out how to balance out your shape. For example, if you have a large bottom or hips, stay away from any kind of tapered trousers, as they will only make you appear much larger. Instead, opt for boot cut or wide leg trousers, as these will be look incredibly flattering on. Whistles, Next, agns b and Oasis are some of the best places to find trousers to flatter larger bottoms, so make sure that you check out these stores the next time you are stocking up on a few wardrobe essentials.

Beyonce loves flared styles - the pop diva knows that the wide-leg denims flatter a curvy frame The flare balances out wide hips and chunky thighs, making you look slimmer. Avoid faded jeans (they will make you look huge) or jeans with small back pockets (they will also make you look huge).Wear solid colours on the bottom. Dark washes especially minimize the appearance of a large bottom Patterns of any kind only draw attention. Jeans are complicated because everyone is a different shape, but the labels that flatter larger bottoms are Armani, Seven and the LA brands Juicy, True Believer and von Dutch. I also recommend Tummy Tuck Jeans - they are a miracle brand because they hide your tummy and minimise your bottom. All at the same time! And don‘t feel bad about this part of your body - men like nice, round bottoms. Nearly every man I‘ve ever met told me that when it comes to a woman‘s behind, they really want something to grab hold off. So show yours off!

 "I'd much rather be known as some curvy Kate than as some skinny stick.‟
- Kate Winslet

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