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FIGURE FIXERS: How to dress a large bust

Few women are ever satisfied with their bust. But their frustration often gives way to resignation when childbirth, loss of weight or simply the laws of gravity take their natural toll. As we age our breasts can one of the first areas to really suffer - especially women with full cleavage. If you have more than a handful, you‘ve probably have discovered bynow that fashion is not your friend and not everything in the shops is going to suit you.

Having an ample bust may be seen as a blessing but it can also be tough to find clothes that fit. A lot of women with big boobs have a nightmare finding clothes to flatter their figure. Their regular dress size often results in gaping buttons and pulled seams around the bust and opting for bigger sizes leaves clothes looking too baggy. What to do? Here‘s a guideline for the shapes and styles that will suit you best. 

CASUAL:Look for short dresses that flounce out a bit or have an Empire line. These accentuate your hips and legs, not your cleavage. Wrap dresses are the most becoming shape curvy woman or a smock style where the fabric falls loosely from under the bust. Steer clear of high-neck shift dresses and halter-neck styles, if it is tricky to wear a well fitting, supportive bra underneath. Three-quarter length sleeves are the most flattering as they draw focus away from the cleavage.

BLOUSES AND TOPS :Never hide a big bust in big shirts. If your bust is large, draping it in roomy layers of fabric is not going to flatter; it will only make you appear larger that you are. Avoid high necklines at all costs and always opt for V necks or a low round neck to balance
your proportions.

JACKETS AND COATS :Avoid square and structured jackets with high necklines and double-breasted styles which will make you appear top heavy. Go for a single breasted, fitted, deep V-neck which will separate the bust and lengthen the body. Keep the shape fitted and long. Draw the eye with long tops so that your boobs are a part of your silhouette, not your most stand-out feature.

NECKLINES:Don‘t wear large necklaces or brooches as they‘ll only draw attention to your chest. Avoid high and round necklines on tops and T-shirts which provide no break between your neck and bust, making them appear unified and therefore even bigger. V-necks are wonderfully flattering as they elongate the body and act to separate your cleavage. Low, draw-string-necklines are also fine. Any neck style which provides an expanse of flesh from the neck and chest will give you a sleeker figure.

CURVES.HEAVY women have chests and shoulders bigger than their bottom and hips. Research from Speedo shows 32 per cent of the female population has these proportions, like TV presenter Holly Willoughby. For this shape, make sure you support your bust with a good bra, and balance out your figure with styles that add volume below the waist.  

OCCASIONWEAR:Full busted women need support. Flattering neckline for a full busted figure are v-necks, scoop necks and pushed out/wide-set straps and corset tops. Wide halters that provide good coverage on the sides and have a healthy wide width up around your neck can be flattering if your bust can handle it a little less support. Strapless gown can have a problem since they provide no support pulling up.

 Try spaghetti straps to solve this problem. Avoid skimpy halter widths, low v-necks or v-necks that reach your empire waistline and empire waists for they can make you look top heavy. Ball gown skirts can balance your lower body shape of a full bust. Matte fabrics give flattering highlights on a curvy figure. Long sleeves balance nicely on a full busted figure. Avoid any kind of shiny fabric such as silk, satin or the dreaded lame - or you could end up like a Ferrero Rocher

 I love Bravissimo, the shop that has a gorgeous range of tailored clothes to fit women with a larger bosom. The stylish collection of shirts, tops, dresses and macs are based on standard sizes 8 to 18 but are cut to accommodate a large chest. In its new Curvy Clothing range, they have created stylish clothes that flatter, rather than flatten, your bust. They also have a great selection of dresses that could also work for the office. Bravissimo(01926 459859, At Figleaves (0870 499 9000, sizes go up toa 56 back width and a JJ cup.

Heavenly Bodice ( a plus-size category that goes up to a JJ, and 56 back width, in some styles. Also features some swimwear. The Undercover Experience website (020-8293 5995, may be hard to navigate but it has some deliciously tempting lingerie. Bras go from AAA to L and up to a back width of 52. There‘s a huge range of swimwear, and cunning insert-type things for the less well-endowed.
Aphrodisia (01892 523023, has bras up to 50FF, and swimwear with underwired cups.

Those in search of boostage should check out Max Cleavage (0870 333 3904, which specialises in bust-enhancing bras and swimwear: it sells plunge bras, Max Pillows (silicone gel bra inserts), variable cleavage bras, the Maxistay-up (a strapless, backless, adhesive silicone bra that sort of sticks to your front), stick-on nipples and maxiflorals (nipple cover-uppers). You really had no idea.

Ultimo (0845 130 3232,, as modelled by Rachel Hunter, does the original gel bra and the Miracle Body (cunning body suit that can be worn under very low-cut fronts and backs, so that you still have a bit of support). Stocked by Selfridges, Debenhams and John Lewis. Less Bounce (08000 363840, specialises in sports bras from A to H cup, and from 30-53 back width.

 "Where's the man could ease a heart Like a satin gown?"Dorothy Parker.

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