Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Forget to pack the sunscreen, Nigella?


Nigella Lawson donned what resembles a burkini as she hit Bondi Beach in Australia

As a rule, Nigella Lawson is only too happy to show off her voluptuous figure in low-cut outfits.

On a visit to Bondi Beach, however, she went to the opposite extreme.

The 51-year-old Domestic Goddess opted for a full cover-up against the late-summer Sydney sun as she splashed in the water with a companion

Miss Lawson’s outfit resembled a burkini – a three-piece swimsuit designed to preserve the modesty of Muslim women – with a baseball cap beneath the hood.

The explanation was that the fair-skinned star was worried about sunburn. Prompting the question: Why bother going on the beach, then?

The fair-skinned star was apparently wearing the three-piece swimsuit designed to preserve the modesty of Muslim women because she was worried about sunburn

The mother-of-three is currently in Australia to film a new series of MasterChef

Despite never training as a chef, she has a value of £7million, selling more than 3 million cookery books worldwide.

Miss Lawson and her second husband, advertising guru and art collector Charles Saatchi, 67, have a combined fortune estimated at £128million.

Just before Christmas they moved into a seven-bedroom £12million home in Chelsea with underground pool.

The kitchen alone cost £500,000, but will double as a TV studio.

Nigella Lawson - Hot Female Cook On Television

source: dailymail

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