Wednesday, April 20, 2011


 The midi has always got a bad press. Everybody loves a mini all that flesh and youth and as for maxis, well there's a kind of glamour and romance about them. But midis, like the proverbial middle child, often get ignored.

The midi is curious item. It starts somewhere below the knee and calf length, but the shorter you are, the nearer the knee the better. On the optimistic front, the midi actually suits a curvy shape more than it does a skinny, which is a welcome change.

The midi-length skirt is back with a bang. And for those suffering from terminally bad orange-peel thighs the news from the catwalk that the midi length is back is as much a relief as a celebration.

But spring's calf-length skirt is a tricky look for non-supermodels to master. For best results, opt for a high-waisted style in a plain colour and make sure it falls a good five inches below the knee. The key is in accessorising.

Flat shoes are not an option. Avoiding dark-coloured tights will help elongate the appearance of your legs, as will the highest pair of heels in your wardrobe.
The midi is also the perfect length for the over 40s.

 It encourages you to cover up those horrible nobly Demi Moore knee problems and hide your bicycle calves; it also insists that you get out some flattering heels and put away the clunking sandal wedges that seemed like a good idea last summer.

 It's a lot sexier than any short skirt because it leaves more to the imagination than all that fake tanned flesh on display. It's also a less embarrassing look for real women than any amount of empire-line smocks with shorts, ballet pumps or flip -flops, which should, quite frankly, be left to the kids.


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