Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kate who? Traveller Mary ensures she has the 'biggest, fattest' wedding as she ties the knot on My Big Fat Royal Gypsy Wedding

By Daily Mail Reporter

Kate who? Traveller Mary ensures all eyes will be on her as her wedding is shown in My Big Fat Royal Gypsy Wedding tomorrow night

Everyone will be watching on Friday to see exactly what Kate Middleton chooses to wear as she marries Prince William.

But one bride who has definitely not followed the 'less is more' rule is Mary, whose nuptials will be shown in a special Channel 4 programme tomorrow night entitled My Big Fat Royal Gypsy Wedding.

In shots released from the show, bride Mary is seen posing in her white dress which would put Katie Price's to shame given that it is encrusted with over 40,000 crystals.

And the elaborate outfits aren't only for the bride, as Mary's bridesmaids also push the boat out in huge pink creations.

Mary will be seen marrying fellow traveller Paddy in tomorrow night's 9pm show, in what Channel 4 promise will be 'the biggest, fattest wedding of the year'.

And although all gypsy weddings are big and flamboyant and, in some case, rather garish, this time the families wanted to create the most lavish wedding possible with no expense spared.

What Royal Wedding? Mary hopes to match Kate Middleton and Prince William's big day with her lavish wedding gown and no expense spared ceremony

Pretty in pink: Mary's bridesmaids also push the boat out in huge pink creations

Mary and Paddy got married last week but the big day was filmed for the special episode tomorrow night.

In true traveller style, Mary's dress is absolutely huge - and at 18ft long and 11ft wide, is broader than the antique ivory and taffeta lace gown that William's mother Princess Diana wore on her big day in 1981.

And it was decorated with stunning crystals that turned the snow white gown into a huge glitterball.

I hope it doesn't rain on my parade: Mary may not have millions of people lining the streets to wave at her carriage, but she will be travelling to her wedding in style

Centre of attention: Just like Miss Middleton, Mary will also have the TV cameras following her every move

The 23-year-old - an age which is considered old for a gypsy bride - said all she wanted to be on her big day was like a member of royalty.

As she deliberated over how long her train should be, she said: 'I just want to feel like a princess.'

The gown was created by Thelma Madine, the Liverpool seamstress who has featured in the series as the number one dress maker for all the gypsy weddings, and had just three weeks to make it.

There's a bride in there somewhere: Mary shows off her 18ft long extravagant wedding dress

A source on the show told The Sun: 'Poor Thelma and her team were drowning in all this material and sewing on the crystals was painstaking work.

'Most people take months to get weddings sorted but they were under the tightest deadline imaginable.

'Mary was very keen to impress that she should look like a princess on her big day.

Finishing touches: Dressmaker Thelma Madine, left, and her staff help Mary with her final fitting

Your carriage awaits: Mary and Thelma pose for a photo before the bride heads off to marry her gypsy prince

'She spoke about Kate Middleton and how she wanted her wedding to be just as showy as she imagined Kate's would be.'

A spokesperson for Channel 4 said: 'Viewers will have front row seats to celebrate the wedding of the year.'

The show source added: 'It really was a dream come true for Mary. She and Paddy might not have the millions that Kate and Wills have at their disposal.

'But they made the best of what they had and it was a day that they will cherish for ever.'

Will one be overshadowed? Kate Middleton and Prince William will be married the following day


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