Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Katie Price gets a pick me up from Leandro as they make a rapid recovery following horror crash

By Sarah Fitzmaurice

Happy couple: Katie could keep her hands or her legs off her 25-year-old lover and was seen kissing and cuddling with him. In the day Katie put the dramatic crash behind her and climbed back into the saddle for a cross-country ride

As she was hoisted up high into the air by her boyfriend wrapping her legs around his head, it was hard to believe that Katie Price had been involved in a horrific car crash just the day before.

But yesterday Leandro Penna managed to take his girlfriend’s mind far from the dramatic events on Saturday and the pair indulged in what appeared to be a number of acrobatic embraces.

The mother-of-three couldn’t keep her arms or her legs off her man as she climbed all over him and she appeared delighted when the Argentine model lifted his lady high into the air so that she was sat on his neck and collar bone.

Little pick-me-up: Leandro Penna managed to put a smile on Katie Price's face yesterday following their horrific car crash and was seen fooling around with the glamour model hoisting her high into the air

Dressed in a dark brown cowboy hat a pair of dark jeans knitted boots and a cream jumper Katie appeared content and relaxed putting the traumatic events of the day before behind her.

The couple had visited a chapel on the site of their hotel that morning before they decided to go for a quick ride

Katie and the Argentine model took their mind off the crash with a fun day out including a helicopter ride to Lake Chiquita and climbed aboard a boat to look at the flocks of Flamingos that live on the lake.

On Sunday morning Katie and Leandro were involved in a terrible car accident which left two horses dead after the stallions ran into the road smashing into the 4X4 the couple were driving in.

Katie later told papers that she felt she was ‘lucky to be alive’ following the accident and as a keen rider she was left particularly distraught by the death of the animals.

What on earth are you doing? Katie showed off her gymnastic skills with the help of Leandro who appeared to be enjoying the view

She tweeted: ‘I'm so lucky to be alive @leandro__penna saved my life and the others in the car he is a hero to us for this.’

But while Katie was left extremely shaken by the accident yesterday she managed to force herself back into the saddle yesterday.

Her spokesperson told MailOnline: 'The accident was quite horrific and she was quite shaken up but after she visited the chapel she did get on a horse for five or ten minutes as they were horses at the hotel where they were staying.'

A source told the Daily Mirror: ‘She was in tears for much of the day and was really nervous the first time she stepped back into the saddle.’

Horrific smash: The car Katie and Leandro were driving in was smashed up from the impact of the horses which ran into the road and hit them. The horses died following their collision with the 4X4

It is understood the mother-of-three suffered cuts on her hands and a jarred neck after the incident, which happened at 1.30am on Sunday morning around three miles from their hotel Estancia San Pedro Viejo in Argentina.

And witnesses said the only reason she and the Argentinian model survived the crash was because they were in such a sturdy vehicle and were wearing their seatbelts.

We're OK: The mother-of-three and her boyfriend were badly shaken by their crash yesterday but managed to take their minds off things with a fun day out

A source told The Sun: 'Jordan probably loves horses more than people, they're her life. To have watched the animals die like that would have been extremely distressing for her.'

A spokesperson for the model said: 'There was an accident and sadly two horses were killed. Katie and Leandro are OK, though understandably shaken.'

Flying high: Katie and Leandro took a helicopter ride to Lake Chiquita where they were followed by cameras

Love boat: Katie and the Argentine model enjoyed a helicopter ride to Lake Chiquita and climbed aboard a boat to look at the flocks of Flamingos that live on the lake


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