Monday, April 25, 2011

Katie Price tells of terror after shocking car crash which nearly killed her and boyfriend Leandro

By Sarah Bull

-Horse-loving model left distressed after her 4X4 mowed down two stallions
-Mother-of-three suffered severe whiplash in 'terrifying' crash

Near-death experience: Katie Price, seen here with boyfriend Leandro Penna before the crash, has spoken of her terror after the car crash which nearly killed her

Katie Price has spoken of her terror after a car crash which nearly cost her her life.

The glamour model was left with severe whiplash after two stallions ran into the road and smashed into her 4X4, which boyfriend Leandro Penna was driving.

And sobbing after the terrifying accident which left the horses dead, Katie admitted she was stunned she survived.

She told the Daily Mirror: 'It's a miracle that we're alive. It was absolutely terrifying. it all happened in a flash and I have absolutely no idea how I wasn't badly injured.

Romance: The model straddles her new boyfriend kissing him passionately while climbing rocks on holiday in Argentina

'I feel so lucky, but more than anything I'm just distraught about the horses. It was so upsetting.'

It is understood the mother-of-three suffered cuts on her hands and a jarred neck after the incident, which happened at 1.30am yesterday morning around three miles from their hotel Estancia San Pedro Viejo in Argentina.

And witnesses said the only reason she and the Argentinian model survived the crash was because they were in such a sturdy vehicle and were wearing their seatbelts.

But while Katie - also known as Jordan - was shaken by the crash, she was said to be most upset about the death of the horses - being a keen rider herself.

A source told The Sun: 'Jordan probably loves horses more than people, they're her life. To have watched the animals die like that would have been extremely distressing for her.'

A spokesperson for the model said: 'There was an accident and sadly two horses were killed. Katie and Leandro are OK, though understandably shaken.'

Tow-truck driver Raul Reinoso told The Sun he pulled up shortly after the crash and spoke to Katie and Leandro.

He told the newspaper: 'They said the horses were galloping in front of them and suddenly just went up in the air. It must have happened very quickly.

'They said Leandro had time to slam on the brakes. They waited and the car got towed by another car to the farm. I saw them today and they seemed fine.'

Katie and Leandro flew into the Argentine capital Buenos Aires last Friday, before heading 400 miles north to Despeñaderos, located on the outskirts of the city of Cordoba.

Katie originally spent just four days in South America earlier this month before jetting back to the UK earlier than expected to sort out issues in her impending divorce from Alex Reid.

Leandro said at the time: 'We have to rush back to London again. It's something that came up at the last minute. It's nothing to do with Katie's divorce, it's work-related.

They only have eyes for each other: Earlier in the week, Katie and Leandro were seen at a charity polo match in Argentina

Loved up: The pair kept their arms firmly around each other as they strolled around the venue

'We're flying back to London together on Friday and returning to Argentina again once we're done and then I'll take Katie to see my parents.

'The idea now is that Katie gets to know Buenos Aires a little. She loves what she's seen so far. She really likes everything.'

But after just eight days on British soil - during which she pulled out of plans to run the London Marathon - she jetted back to Buenos Aires with Leandro again.

Earlier in the week, Katie uploaded a series of romantic snaps she took with Leandro in Cordoba, Argentina, to Twitter, accompanied by Spanish musings on the region and her love for the 25-year-old.


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