Sunday, April 24, 2011

MAKE UP MASTERCLASS. I catch up with Jennifer Lopez's make up artist - the incredible Scott Barnes.

Scott Barnes

One of my favourite make - up artists just has to be Scott Barnes because , when it comes to making women look wonderful and youthful , no one can match his cosmetic wizardry. Although Scott has worked with Hollywood talent over the years including Kate Hudson, Beyonce, Gwyneth Paltrow and Celine Dion, it‘s his work with Jennifer Lopez which started a cosmetics revolution and birthed a new look: monochromatic, with bronzed skin and pale lips.
The Glow exuded both a natural and yet highly-polished radiance---one that could be felt from the inside and shining out.

I asked him for a few of his astonishing beauty tricks especially for women over 40.

SKIN: Youthful skin equals supple, hydrated, smooth, and dewy looking skin. A temporary tinted moisturizer adds a subtle glow and evens skin tone. Apply a tinted body moisturizer, like my Body Bling, to cover up spider veins, sun spots, uneven texture in skin (Body Bling has light reflecting particles, as the light catches the highlight, legs look longer and slender and arms are contoured).

FACE: Apply bronzer on outside of face, underneath jaw line, cheekbones, around forehead, at temples (create an oval/halo effect ) with a big fluffy brush, pressed powder, do it in circular motion. Avoid applying bronzer right below your eyes/nose/smile lines, as it makes those areas appear darker (accentuates what‘s already dark). Inside face use lighter powder, underneath eyes and in t-zone, creates light in the middle of the face, contouring and minimizing the rest of face,so center becomes focal point.

 BLUSH/ CHEEKS: Opt for colours in s peachy/pinky tones for all skin tone, as they create a bronzing/ glowing reflection. Colour goes on apple of cheeks (from apples/outside). Concealer: use foundation as concealer (concealers tend to be look worse w. wrinkles) Brows: pick up lightest part of hair on your head and match that to the brow bec it looks softer, a hard brow can make you look darker/heavier and you want to open things up. Powders are softer looking.

EYES: if you have golden brown eye, work with gray, purples, cooler tones, iris of eye comes out/ becomes more golden brown as opposed to darker. Light eyes stay away from blues, go with golds, taupes, tans. Individual lashes make eyelashes appear fuller (easier than strip lashes); pop them into sparse areas, to create fullness without out being too much. Curlers are so important, just before application. same rules apply.

LIPS: Lighter lipstick make lips look fuller, if you have dry lips, or want lips to be fuller, use toothbrush and lip balm and scrub lips, removes dead skin. Minimize lines around lips and avoid dark colours as they will settle into creases/cause bleeding effect. Glosses better, but in lighter shades. Any dark colour would creep and bleed into crevices and feather. Lipsticks have tendency to get drier.


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