Wednesday, April 27, 2011

'William must recognise me by the time I get to the altar': Kate Middleton's only condition to hair stylist Richard Ward for big day

By Daily Mail Reporter

Most brides are advised not to stray too far from the norm when choosing their style for the big day.

And Kate Middleton appears to be following the rules as she has insisted on keeping her look natural for her wedding to Prince William on Friday.

Kate's hairstylist today has revealed the only order she has given for her wedding day: 'By the time she gets to the end of the altar her husband must recognise her.'

Richard Ward, who owns the London salon responsible for styling the Royal bride's hair on Friday, told how Kate, her mum Carole, 56, and sister Pippa, 27, have already had a number of dress rehearsals for their hair alone.

Richard said: 'We've had many practice runs - and not just with Kate.

'The one rule is by the time she gets to the end of the altar her husband must recognise her.'

Asked what the look would be, Richard replied 'natural.'

He refused to divulge the name of the dressmaker he has been working with during the series of styling trials leading up to the big day.

Richard's star snipper James Pryce, 33, will take the helm as the main hair stylist, joining Kate's team of dressers who will tend to her look at the Goring Hotel in Belgravia, close to Buckingham Palace, on the morning of the wedding.

Hair today: Kate has a weekly blow dry at the Chelsea salon

Though Richard, 43, is keeping a close eye on things having been the Middleton's family hairdresser for the past eight years.

Richard insisted that Kate's pending marriage to Prince William hasn't changed her.

He said: 'She's absolutely lovely, like any 29-year-old girl.

'She's absolutely gorgeous and she's a lot of fun.

'She jokes around like everyone else, she feels very comfortable coming into the salon.

'She hasn't changed, she's just become more assured. She's caring, honest and good, and I haven't seen anything that will change that.

Richard told how the salon has already been flooded by young women looking to copy Kate's signature look, from the UK and abroad, after seeing the photos of a glowing Kate and Wills during their engagement announcement in November.

He said: 'A lot of girls wanted it, especially a lot of Americans.

'We have a lot of people from America coming in. How Kate wears her hair typifies how you should be wearing your hair today, it's a very natural look. It needs to gleam with health, it needs to shine, needs really deep rich color.

'Kate and her family have been coming for eight years and we've got a relationship that goes back a long time.

'We're lucky because she has amazing hair.'


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