Friday, April 8, 2011

One's Big Fat Royal Wedding: How Kate's big day might look if arranged by stars of TV's hit gypsy series

By Daily Mail Reporter

Buckingham bling: Twenty-four petticoats, check! Bodice lights flashin, check! Swarovski sparkle, check! Gorgeous, love

The Channel Four TV show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding has taken the nation by storm with the general public watching on amazed whilst some sections of the gypsy community have declared it all an act for the camera.

Bridal gowns that can illuminate Blackpool, teenage girls being 'grabbed' by boys and tales of pre-party fights have left viewers on the edge of their seats.

There is also another wedding in the news - that of Prince William to Kate Middleton, and here we imagine Kate's big day arranged by TV's hit gypsy series - at risk of being sent to the Tower!

What a bargain! Uncle Andy does a deal with some of the foreign guests

In the pink: You see, babes, I told you I'd get you a castle all of your own

Hot to trot: Poor old Gran just wanted to sell them some lucky heather

Fergie's lockout: There's always an unwelcome gatecrasher at a posh do like this

Edinburgh tattoo: Grandad Phil shows off the family crest

Boys from the black stuff: That'll pay for the reception

My dancin' queen: Harry always did like a classy pair of hotpants


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