Tuesday, April 26, 2011

One DOES have other family commitments, you know

By Daily Mail Reporter

Royal Christening: The Queen, Autumn Phillips, Peter Phillips and Prince Philip at Savannah's baptism at the Holy Cross Church in Avening

While Kate and William were entirely preoccupied with the big day, it was family business as usual for the Queen.

Her grandson Peter Phillips and his wife Autumn Kelly celebrated their baby daughter’s christening in a quiet corner of Gloucestershire at the weekend.

The ceremony for the Queen’s first great-grandchild, Savannah Phillips, was held at the Church of the Holy Cross in Avening.

Dressed in a traditional cream-coloured silk-and-lace gown, the fourth-month-old
baby – who is 12th in line to the throne – behaved beautifully as she was cooed over by her doting relatives in the sundrenched village near Princess Anne’s home, Gatcombe Park.

The Queen, in striking lime-green suit and hat, looked on proudly as she stood beside Peter, 33, and his Canadian-born wife outside the church, whose timber frame dates back to the 14th century.

Mrs Phillips, 32, was brought up a Roman Catholic but renounced her faith shortly before their wedding in May 2008 so her husband-to-be did not have to give up his claim to the throne. Also there were Peter’s mother and father Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips, together with Anne’s second husband Tim Laurence.

First great-grandchild: Baby Savannah behaved beautifully at the Christening

His sister Zara, 29, accompanied by her rugby player fiance Mike Tindall, wore a patterned shift dress and fascinator.

Amateur photographer Ian Mcdonald, 69, who captured the intimate scene at midday on Saturday, told the Mail: ‘It could not have been further from a state occasion.

It was just the family getting together to welcome a new little one. The Queen could have been any proud grandma.’


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