Tuesday, April 5, 2011

PRETTY IN PUNK:Tough, hardware, harsh, dominatrix - call it what you will - fashion's hardline trend is all about looking mean, moody and assertive.


CONSIDER yourself elegant, bohemian or ladylike? Look away now. This season's fashions, festooned up with studs, chains and eyelets, have rebel written all over them. The trend for all things tough and spiky -- dubbed 'hardware' in fashion speak -- is putting an end to good-girl facades. Once again, the signature look from the biker/punk trend comes under the fashion radar. The late '80s and early '90s was all about loud accessories and leather clothing which eventually evolved into the biker chic look and  this season -  it’s back in fashion.

If you really want to make a style statement this season, you better zip up in a fearsome red leather jacket, slip on a pair of biker boots, throw a studded belt around your waist, dig out the black kohl from your make up bag and prepare to look tough. For black is the new black, of course. And biker chic is the perfect antidote to the frills, flounces and flowers of summer. Think Suzi Quatro and Chrissie Hynde, snearing queens of noise Joan Jett and Debbie Harry of Blondie   – the ultimate punk icon.

 The mood first surfaced last year, when designers started to send black leather-clad mean queen supermodels stomping along the runway. Burberry showcased a collection of spiky dresses that may look uncomfortable to wear but give a definite edge to the wearer. Soon after, spike dresses were seen on Lady Gaga, singer Cheryl Cole and reality TV star Kim Kardarshian. Recently at an event in London, actor Emily Watson, caught everyone's attention when she wore a Burberry trench, where the sleeves were ornamented with metal spikes.

If you want to add a bit of punk to your dressing style, spikes should be the statement that can give you the desired look. But don't get carried away with this eye-catching trend; anything too much is bad. Too much of spikes can ruin the whole look, instead, think punk-style rivets and eyelets, girly dresses through to spike-heeled boots. Transform into rock-glam goddess by night with some stud-tastic detailing -- a sprinkling of silver or gold hardware against black can look sensational. And remember, in the rebel rule book, there's no such thing as over-the-top.

 Top tips

In vogue: Metal spikes should be used on parts of jackets or waist coats as a highlighting factor, and look best when these are worn over shirts teamed with fitted leather trousers or tights.

Use them as highlighters: Only one area should be highlighted. It could be the neck, shoulder, waist or sleeve. Anything excess can ruin the look.

The big No Nos: Remember to keep the look subtle. The overall look should be chic yet minimalistic. People who have broad shoulders should always avoid spikes on shoulders.

Makeup: Keep your makeup simple and minimal. Don't go for flashy makeup because the spikes themselves are catchy enough to fetch you attention. Loud makeup will make the look very wannabe.

Accessories : these are as important as ever, so look for chain belts, quilted biker boots, with compulsory stiletto heels, and ropes of black pearls. So with all that in mind, don your leathers, hop on a Harley and show a little va va vroom.

For inspiration , look to the ultimate punk style icon- Debbie Harry.



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