Sunday, April 17, 2011

The secret of Victoria Beckham's super-slim pregnancy

By Katie Nicholl

Svelte pregnancy: Victoria Beckham has kept slim despite being six months pregnant thanks to advice from stylist Rachel Zoe

The secret behind six-months pregnant Victoria Beckham’s sylph-like figure can be revealed – regular sessions with Hollywood body stylist Rachel Zoe.

Rachel has been popping round to 36-year-old Victoria’s Beverly Hills home to guide her through her pregnancy, and her advice seems to be paying off: there are few visible signs that a baby Beckham is on the way.

Rachel, 39, rose to fame in Hollywood by styling ultra-slim celebrities Nicole Richie and Keira Knightley.

And she leads by example when it comes to pregnancy.

‘Rachel had her first baby, Skylar, on March 23 and gained hardly any extra weight,’ says a friend.

‘She has a reputation for helping her Hollywood friends maintain their size-zero frames, and thinks of herself as quite an expert when it comes to keeping trim and healthy during pregnancy.

‘Victoria has been eagerly listening to her advice and they have become firm friends.’

Rachel Zoe hardly gained any weight while pregnant with her first child Skylar
But despite the healthy eating, Victoria’s hormones are wreaking havoc and, as is the case with many pregnant women, she is suffering mood swings.

‘Victoria is constantly snapping and berating David and her staff over the smallest things,’ says an insider.

‘But, endearingly, she calls up a couple of hours after exploding to say sorry. It’s happened so many times now, people understand it’s just the hormones.’

A spokesman for Victoria said: ‘Victoria has known Rachel for a long time – I am not aware of the other issue.’


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