Tuesday, April 26, 2011

She used to be such a nice girl: Gwyneth Paltrow shatters her clean cut image by dropping the C-word

By Marcus Barnes

Can C it going wrong: Gwyneth Paltrow used the c-word during an appearance on the Chelsea Handler show

Gwyneth Paltrow may have been keen to cultivate an image as a domestic goddess.

However, on chat show Chelsea Lately, she killed it off in one fell swoop.

The actress has been dismantling her clean cut, butter-wouldn't-melt public persona.

But her latest effort to break the mould may have gone too far after the actress used the much maligned c-word during an appearance to describe her grandmother on Chelsea Handler's chat show.

Scroll down to watch the video.

The 38-year-old actress was invited on the show, which goes out at 11pm every weekeday, to speak about her cookery book My Father's Daughter.

Midway through their chat Gwyneth and Chelsea came to the realisation that they both had German grandmothers who were mean, and with the same first name.

After Chelsea, 36, said her relative was "a real bitch", Gwyneth retorted: 'Mine was a real c***'.

The word was bleeped out but eagle-eyed viewers will still be able to lip read and work out what she'd said and the reaction of those around her was a testament to that.

After the actress dropped the C-word, Chelsea recoiled with laughter and the audience broke out into a round of cheers and applause.

You've changed: The actress also explained her change in lifestyle giving up on eating healthy when she was pregnant with daughter Apple

When they died down Gwyneth went on to explain that her 'Mutti', her mother's mum, was full of spite.

Gwyneth said: 'She just hated my guts, basically, and she tried to poison my mother against me.'

'She must not have been very happy and she must have had a lot of pain because she was as mean as hell.'

During the chat Gwyneth also explained why she kicked her macrobiotic diet to adopt a more 'normal' approach to eating.

She cited her late father Bruce Paltrow's battle with cancer as inspiring her to eat healthier.

Family: Gwyneth with her late father Bruce Paltrow and mother Blythe Danner in 2002

Gwyneth told Chelsea: 'The reason why I started eating healthy was because I was trying to get my dad to eat healthy when he was diagnosed with cancer.

'He was disgusted by all my health food, he was like "This is disgusting, this is like biting into cardboard, I hate this food".

'I was trying to get him to cure his cancer by eating and I got into eating healthy too. Then, when I got pregnant with Apple, I could not eat any healthy food I was like Baskin Robbins, french fries and I never looked back.'

In recent months Gwyneth has been chipping away at her holier-than-thou image and putting herself out there - proving to be a lot more fun and edgy than it may have seemed.

Gwynning formula: The actress' recent forays into singing and comedy have shown a whole new side to her

She's tried her hand at singing and comedy, with appearances in U.S. musical smash Glee - as well as working with Cee Lo Green and recording her own album.

At the Oscars she was asked who she'd like to work with, and she answered Jay-Z, explaining: 'I think we’d be a good combination. He is a genius — and I’m his biggest fan.'

And, in a possible attempt to prove she's got the necessary skills to collaborate with the rap mogul, Gwyneth had a go at rapping on the Ellen Degeneres Show last week.

She rhymed along to the infamous track Baby Got Back by Sir Mix A Lot while shaking her backside.


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