Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stub it out, Cheryl! Miss Cole told to give up smoking to help pursue her X Factor dream in the USA

By Daily Mail Reporter

Puffing away: Cheryl Cole, seen here having a cigarette break during a break from X Factor boot camp in 2009, has been told to quit smoking if she wants to crack the U.S.

They're proving to be her crutch as she makes the 'stressful' move to Los Angeles to pursue her American career.

But Cheryl Cole has been told to quit the cigarettes or she will never be understood over there.

The pop star is trying to land a job as a judge on the U.S. X Factor and has spent the past two weeks having elocution classes in Los Angeles to soften her Geordie twang.

But her voice coach has told Cheryl, 27, to kick her 20-a-day habit if she wants any chance of cracking America, according to The Sun today.

A source told the paper: 'Cheryl's teacher has advised her to stop smoking.

'But she says the move to LA and X Factor job is stressful enough without having to try and quit the cigs on top.

'Voice coaches are determined to make her sound more American but in a natural way. Basically just so she can be understood.'

Miss Cole is believed to have tried to stop smoking last year but failed, admitting: 'I miss smoking when I stop. It's not cool to say so, but I do.'

During breaks in filming the X Factor, she and boss Simon Cowell have been seen disappearing off together for a cigarette.

Yesterday it was reported that U.S. X factor producer LA Reid - the only person officially announced so far as being on the show - let the news slip that Miss Cole is joining the panel before it could be revealed by Cowell.

Cowell's official spokesperson refused to confirm or deny the news, giving MailOnline an official 'no comment'.

Is she or isn't she? Cheryl, seen here at a charity event last month, is believed to be joining the U.S. X Factor panel, after producer LA Reid reportedly let the news slip


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