Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Welcome back Cat! Miss Deeley leads the British television personalities taking part in US Royal Wedding coverage

By Andrea Magrath

Royal correspondent: Cat Deeley on location at Buckingham Palace today, where she is reporting for CNN on the Royal wedding

She's one of a select few who have made the leap across the pond to find success on U.S. television.

But Cat Deeley is proudly back on home turf to star in American coverage of the Royal Wedding this week.

The So You Think You Can Dance presenter looked in her element as she ran around the media area across from Buckingham Palace today in a summery outfit of cream blouse and leather shorts.

Cat, 34, is fronting the CNN coverage of the Royal nuptials alongside Piers Morgan, who was also spotted filming a live cross to the US network today.

While Piers sweated it out in a suit, Cat made the most of the spring weather in her shorts and blouse ensemble.

While she tweeted that her co-host seemed a little unsure of her choice of wardrobe, Piers appeared to enjoy the view. He wrote on his own Twitter page: 'Just seen my #CNN royal wedding co-anchor @catdeeley in an almost criminally short pair of leather hotpants. Quite perked up the afternoon.'

Fun work: The So You Think You Can Dance presenter shares a laugh with the CNN crew

Miss Deeley appeared on the Ellen show last week where she said: 'It's kind of exciting. But there's a bit of me that's absolutely terrified.

'There'll be more than 750 million people watching and it slightly makes me want to vomit slightly into my own mouth.

'I'm very nervous about it. But I think it's going to be good!'

Sharon Osbourne is another big name Brit reporting from London for American audiences. She is fronting coverage for CBS show The Insider with actress Jane Seymour.

Let's get serious: The 34-year-old got to work in front of the media centre erected opposite the Palace

Sharon, who went to the same hair salon as Princess Diana says: 'I am so excited to be part of the family to help bring [viewers] the biggest story on both sides of the pond since Princess Diana said 'I do!'

Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman star Seymour appears to be relishing her new role as a royal reporter. She said: 'I was able to speak to Prince William's private secretary.

'I asked "what would Prince William and Catherine want us to know about them?" And he said their personal friends were all told to not talk to anyone, but let [him] have a think.

All going well: Cat's CNN co-host Piers Morgan gives a thumbs up before preparing to go on air today

International interest: Sharon Osbourne is covering the event for CBS with Jane Seymour

'About two days later I got this wonderful e-mail with four names and the invitation to talk to them about various things.

'I just thought, wouldn't it be great to actually [cover] this with someone and do it properly and actually get the inside scoop!'

Sharon's daughter Kelly will also be involved in coverage from LA, presenting a special edition of the E! channel's Fashion Police.

Entertainment network E! have hired X Factor host Dermot O'Leary to assist with their coverage alongside regular anchor Giuliana Rancic for E! News.

The Brits aren't the only ones excitedly preparing for the big day.
Stars of major American news networks have been landing in London this week.

CBS News anchor Katie Couric is in town, and excitedly tweeted a picture of her wearing her wedding fascinator this week.

Diane Sawyer and Barbara Walters will be leading the ABC network coverage.

Hats off to you: American news anchor Katie Couric excitedly tweeted this picture of her wedding fascinator

Media centre: International networks are cramming into the specially erected stands opposite Buckingham Palace


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