Friday, April 15, 2011


Vogue Paris

Look on the light side this month and ditch your dark and dreary wardrobe ...

This spring, there will be a new man in your life: your dry cleaner. You will get to know him very, very well. And he will get to know your white broidre anglaise maxi dress, your ivory lace blouse and your snow white trench coat - because spring 2011 is a whitewash. Arguably the biggest trend this season, partly because all the other trends involve it, white is the quickest and freshest way to update your wardrobe. Gone are all traces of wintry black and cloudy grey, for that most innocent of colours is back. But then white is becoming as regular a spring feature as the daffodils in the garden.

 However, that's no excuse to write it off as boring - this season is all about doing pale in an interesting way. With the overriding theme of grown-up femininity and a chic fashion mood, emphasis is on freshness and ease of wear. And just like spring's dominating colour, fabrics are delicate with lace and chiffon in abundance. White dresses were pretty much a staple for designers' spring/summer 2011 collections. Almost every show featured one or more, mostly of the maxi dress variety. At Dolce and Gabanna, white guipure dresses were smothered with delicate detail, while at Marchesa white dresses in romantic lace, feathers and beading dominated the catwalk.

They were so prevalent; some fashionistas have claimed the little white dress might replace the little black dress this spring. In contrast with the multitude of shades on any fashionista's colour chart, white is the ultimate palette cleanser. From slick, modern, and masculine, to floaty, ethereal, and romantic, there's more than one way to wear the shade this season so prepare your washing machine for a white wash overload.

A sheer fabric such as chiffon or a very light jersey creates a more delicate look, perfect for light blondes with fair complexions, while a heavier fabric creates a bolder, intense white which looks great with dark hair and dark eyes. And, don't be fooled into thinking white makes you look bigger  either- it all depends on the cut of the dress. Even black dresses, which are supposed to be slimming, can make you look heavier than you are if the cut isn't flattering.

White dresses are also perfect for going out. They can be fresh, flirty and convey a sense of romantic innocence. Therefore, if you're wearing a white dress for a night on the town, choose one that shows a bit more skin and a grown-up style. Choose glamorous fabrics to set the tone. Lace is super sexy, as well as silk and chiffon. Regardless of how full-on you plan to go, buy one thing in white this spring--be it a pair of skinny jeans, a maxi skirt, or even Jimmy Choos white snakeskin sandals. White works for day and evening, so how you indulge is up to you. So what if you have to give up red wine for a season?

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