Monday, May 9, 2011

'I'm absolutely thrilled': BBC journalist Kate Silverton reveals she is four months pregnant

By Sarah Fitzmaurice

Thrilled: Kate Silvertone has announced today that she is pregnant that she and husband Michael Heron are expecting a child in October

She had given up hope of having a biological family last year but today BBC newsreader Kate Silverton announced that she is pregnant.

The 40-year-old journalist made the announcement over Twitter where she revealed that she and husband Michael Heron are expecting a baby in October.

She conceived the child naturally after several failed IVF attempts over a number of years – and she had lost all hope of having children just last year.

The sweetest Tweets: How Kate revealed the news

Kate told fans in a series of posts on the social networking site after telling fans that she was no longer able to get a puppy – something the couple had been considering recently.

She posted: ‘Now a little announcement I have to make - for those of you who have asked about the puppy there is sad news... We cannot get it....:-(‘

Growing bump: Kate is four months pregnant and has revealed that she gave up hope of having biological children after she failed to fall pregnant after several rounds of IVF

Adding: ‘Because we had some very unexpected - but lovely news just recently.....’
‘I am pregnant ;-)’

Kate, who married Michael in December last year, said she had decided to make the announcement after ‘a shaky three months’ but said she is ‘absolutely thrilled.’

The journalist has fallen pregnant after she had given up hope of having children after two years of trying.

Expecting: Kate Silverton with her husband Mike Herron had tried several attemts at IVF treatment before Kate fell pregnant naturally

In an article for the Daily Mail last year ahead of her wedding Kate wrote: 'At the start of this year I could not have even contemplated this day. I was in a rather dejected state because my fiance Mike and I had been trying for a baby for more than two years. I'd had three failed IVF attempts and was on the fourth, pumped up on hormones and steroids and focused on having a baby. Yet with each attempt my heart sank as I realised that perhaps it wasn't meant to be.'

But earlier today after she had broken the news Kate tweeted: 'Ooh that felt odd to announce! We gave up hope of having a biological family last year so this feels something of a minor miracle...'


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