Sunday, May 8, 2011

Chanelle Hayes is devastated by news her mother's killer could be released 'within a month'

By Sarah Fitzmaurice

Living in fear: Chanelle, pictured with her friend Greg Burns in January is upset by news her mother's killer is up for parole

She recently spoke of her happiness at getting back together with her on off boyfriend Jack Tweed and being a doting mother to her son.

But Chanelle Hayes' world has been turned upside down after learning that the man who killed her mother could be released from prison, it has been reported.

The Big Brother star was left shaken by the news that Keith Pollard – the man who strangled her mother when Chanelle was just six months old – is due for parole and could be out within a month.

The reality TV contestant received a letter informing her that Pollard was due for parole, according to the Daily Star Sunday.

A source told the paper: ‘She telephoned the police liaison officer straightaway to find out more about when he was coming out and where he would be living.’

And it has been reported that her mother’s killer could be out within a month.

The source added: ‘She asked where he’s going to be living but they didn’t have that information. She’s distraught. She genuinely fears he’s going to come after her.’

Chanelle, who has a ten-month-old son with ex-boyfriend Middlesbrough footballer Matthew Bates, 24, is said to be distraught at the news.

Back together: Chanelle had recently spoken of her happiness at her reconciliation with on-off boyfriend Jack Tweed and is said to be thinking of moving to Essex because of the news about Pollard's parole

Her mother, Andrea Sinclair was working as a prostitute when she was strangled to death by Pollard, who had picked her up as a client in 1988.

Chanelle was born in Styal prison in Cheshire, where her mum had been jailed for prostitution and following her mothers death she was adopted by Christine and Harry Hayes.

She lives with her son in West Yorkshire close to her adopted parents Christine and Harry Hayes but also spends considerable time in Essex with on-off boyfriend Jack Tweed.

However following the news her mother's killer could be released she is said to be considering moving.

Worried: Chanelle seen celebrating her son Blakley's first Christmas in December is said to be upset that Keith Pollard, the man who killed her mother is up for parole

Chanelle reconciled with Tweed after a number of public arguments Chanelle had tweeted her happiness earlier this month and said: ‘I have the world's best son and the world's best boyfriend. Feeling very happy 2day with my boys xxx’

It is thought that because of her fear that Pollard could find her address she is considering moving south to Essex to be with Jack.

The source told the Daily Star Sunday : ‘Chanelle doesn’t know what to do for the best. She doesn’t want to leave her home but she can’t spend her days in a complete panic, fearing every noise outside is Pollard coming to kill her.’

A spokesperson for Chanelle confirmed to MailOnline that Pollard was up for parole and said the reality star was upset by the news.


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