Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cheryl Cole puts on her big hair for a big new job...


Hello America: Cheryl Cole shows off her huge bouffant, which she described as 'crazy wild hair' as she arrives for the first day of the U.S. X Factor auditions in Los Angeles today

Perhaps too many Dynasty reruns have left Cheryl Cole thinking this is how everyone wears their hair in America.

Whatever the reason her huge bouffant 'do certainly made an impact as she arrived for the first day of filming the U.S. X Factor.

But while she may have worked hard on her 'look', as an unknown in the States Cheryl is fast finding she will have to work hard to prove herself.

Legendary music producer LA Reid told MailOnline he hadn't even met Cheryl. And when asked what he thought of Simon Cowell's choice he replied: 'I don't know man. I've never listened to her music.'

Who is she again? Cheryl's fellow judge LA Reid admitted he had never heard her music

New girl on the block: Cheryl was lapping up the attention as she arrived for her first day of filming

Camera ready: The American media were eager to get a glimpse of the new judge

Cheryl was the second judge to arrive, flaunting her slender figure in an eye-catching pair of purple Diane von Furstenberg trousers and an Oscar de la Renta top, teamed with a turquoise belt.

She laughingly described her over-the-top hairdo as 'crazy wild hair'.

When asked how she felt about the fact Reid had never heard of her, or her music, the 27-year-old singer wasn't annoyed.

'I quite like it, it means I feel really challenged,' she said. 'I have so much respect for LA Reid. I've always admired him, so it's great for me.

'It's one of those moments where you don't know what to say or how to feel.'

Reunited: Former American Idol judges Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul celebrate their new show with a kiss on the lips

Touchy feely: The duo were very affectionate while they posed for the cameras looking excited to be working together again

Cheryl, the show's British judge, arrived in Los Angeles earlier this week, ahead of the taping.

Following months of speculation, she was only recently confirmed as a judge on the new U.S. version of the hit British reality series.

But her recruitment has sparked accusations the show is too British, with some worried the American audience won't understand Cheryl's strong regional accent.

But Cheryl laughed off the criticism, saying: 'I'm hoping people are going to embrace it.

'I'm not worried (about my accent). It's going to be interesting. I hear a lot of accents here too.'

But she conceded: 'I'm sure there will be words or phases where people are like, excuse me?'

Meeting her fans: Cheryl might still be a relative unknown in the U.S., but a huge crowd cheered her as she climbed out of her limousine

I've never heard her music: LA Reid arrives for the first day of X Factor auditions

Ooops! Both Paula Abdul and Cheryl Cole chose to wear purple for their big day

source: dailymail

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