Friday, May 6, 2011

Don't fancy that, duck! Gordon Ramsay set to ruffle feathers when he eats raw duck foetus on latest food show

By Jody Thompson

Moment of truth: Gordon Ramsay will be seen eating raw duck foetus straight out of the egg on his new show Gordon's Great Escape on Monday

He caused controversy by killing turkeys and pigs on camera - now Gordon Ramsay is set to ruffle a few more feathers when he's seen eating a raw duck foetus on his latest cookery show.

The Michelin-starred chef travels to Cambodia where the dish - essentially an over-developed fertilised egg - is a delicacy.

Despite looking incredibly unsure, the potty-mouthed celebrity cook showed his stomach was as strong as he language when he took the plunge - and actually said it tasted nice.

Scroll down to see another of Ramsay's culinary odysseys from Gordon's Great Escape...

He's not yolking: The Michelin-starred chef was in Cambodia when he decided to try the snack which is a delicacy in South-East Asia

However, he's unlikely to start serving up the delight - which is called balut or Pong tea khon in Cambodia and is widely eaten across South-East Asia - for his celebrity pals Victoria and David Beckham at dinner parties any time soon...

The scenes will be shown this Monday on Gordon's Great Escape, where the culinary king travels to far-flung corners of the globe in a quest for the world's most unusual foods.

A spokesman for Channel 4 told Mail Online: 'The series is about authentic food throughout Asia and illustrates how local food is sourced as well as the local customs and rituals associated with it in each of the countries featured.

'Viewers are made aware before the start of the programme that some sequences feature animal slaughter so they know what to expect and the series is appropriately scheduled after the watershed.'

The kitchen genius ran into trouble earlier this year when it emerged that he had gone fishing for sharks - just 18 months before making a programme investigating their slaughter for shark fin soup.

Not for the faint-hearted: The celebrity chef ate the treat at a roadside cafe in the show, the start of the second series of Gordon's Great Escape, which sees him cook and eat the foods of South-East Asia

Suck it and see: The chef, who has a celebrated palate, actually said that the foetus tasted nice too

At the time, it was claimed that his £5million golden handcuffs with Channel 4 may not be renewed because of continued controversy and declining viewing figures.

There have also been a number of controversies over his private and business life over the past couple of years.

The five-year deal ends in the summer but fears it wouldn't be renewed appear to have been unfounded.

The bill's on him: Gordon tried the duck foetus on his travels around South-East Asia which involved a lot of dishes totally alien to the Western world but common in the area

It's rumoured that the chef will re-sign another deal, but perhaps at a reduced rate.

The star's shows include Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, which hasn't been shown since 2009, The F-Word and spin-off Ramsay's Best Restaurants.

A Channel 4 spokesperson said: 'We are continuing to discuss a number of ideas going forward.’

Different world: Gordon probably stuck to hotdogs when he went to see the Los Angeles Lakers with his friend David Beckham on Monday

However, if Gordon does get dropped, he's unlikely to be crying into his cornflakes for very long.

He still earns a fortune from his U.S. work, getting an estimated £9.4million for his programmes in America.


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