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Expert Beauty : How to look fabulous over 40 with Paula Begoun

Paula Begoun author of Don‘t Go to the Cosmetics Counter without Me, The Beauty Bible, Don‘t Go Shopping for Hair Care Products Without Me, and Blue Eyeshadow Should Be Illegal, has sold over two million books on the subject of beauty and is well established as an expert in the field.

She is the only person serving as an international watchdog of the multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry and is the most unique, respected, and controversial source of skin care and makeup analysis around.

Paula is a beauty expert on The Oprah show and she is recognized by women all over the world as the most reliable source for answers to all of their beauty-related questions. I caught up with Paula to ask her for her favourite beauty and skincare tips for women over 40.

Q. Once a woman hits 40, what changes does she need to make in her skincare routine? Are there any products she absolutely has to have?

When it comes to wrinkles, it is just like heart disease, whether you have it or not you need to eat healthy to help prevent. So with wrinkles, you need to use products that contain ingredients proven to prevent which are the same ones that have the potential for reducing their appearance. This means products appropriate for your skin type which are loaded with antioxidants, cell communicating ingredients, and skin identical ingredients.

Q. What are the most important changes that a woman needs to make in her cosmetic routine once she‟s over the age of 40? Are there any particular colours or textures that she should avoid?

You should have chucked out your blue eye shadow years ago! But because make-up is such a personal decision, it is hard to make rules for what you should and shouldn‘t wear. However, as a rule, natural is better and the heavy overdone look is best avoided, especially as you get older. What you should absolutely throw out are shiny eye shadows once you start seeing wrinkles on your lids (which can happen when you are 30). Shiny eye shadow makes wrinkles stand out as they fall into the creases, emphasising the lines. You can test this for yourself by taking any shiny eye shadow and placing it on the back of your hand and then placing a matte finish eye shadow next to it. The side of your hand with the shiny shade will look wrinkled and the matte finish won‘t. 

 Q. What kind of foundations should older women choose? So many of us get confused by phrases such as light reflecting and skin plumping. What do women need to know when they are choosing a foundation to suit older skins?

 The reason for the confusion is because the marketing claims such as skin plumping, firming, or light reflecting aren‘t true. All of those claims are deceptive and don‘t help anyone choose the right product. Foundation is just like a blouse or skirt, it doesn‘t matter your age because what counts is what it looks like on you so you have to try it on before you buy. The only difference between clothing and foundation is that for foundation you have to check it out in daylight to make sure it looks like as close to your real skin as possible.

Q. Once a woman reaches forty; she encounters a plethora of issues related to the aging process. What star product do you recommend for each of these problems?

 Those issues are a cumulative process of sun damage. The most important thing is to stop that trauma. That means being sun smart and applying sunscreen, sunscreen, and sunscreen! Fine lines around the eyes – This is the hardest area of all, aside from exfoliants such as AHAs (glycolic acid or lactic acid), BHA (salicylic acid) and a well formulated moisturiser there is nothing else the cosmetics industry can do. If any of the thousands of products being sold for this problem worked, who would have fine lines around the eyes or anywhere on the face?

 Botox and laser or light treatments performed by a dermatologist will produce the most impressive and lasting results. Expression lines around the mouth – This is even difficult for medical cosmetic corrective procedures however dermal fillers improving the shape of the mouth (not making it bigger) can make all the difference in the world. Loss of skin firmness and elasticity – lots of options for this, mostly exfoliants as mentioned above, well formulated moisturisers (loaded with antioxidants, cell communicating ingredients, and barrier repair ingredients), and laser or light treatments from a dermatologist.

Chemical peels are also an option. Wrinkled neck and décolletage – the chest area is the same as the face, exfoliants, well formulated moisturiser (of course sunscreen) and the same medical cosmetic treatments such as laser or intense pulsed light (IPL) procedures. As for the neck, improvement from a dermatologist or the cosmetic industry is like throwing good money down the drain – not much will help.Frown lines. – Botox!

Q. What are the most flattering colours and formulations for older women?

At any age natural tones are the best, shades of tan, brown, beige, charcoal, or ecru. When you see celebrities or models in fashion magazines or movies those are the colours almost all of them are wearing.See above about formulations – matt is always best.Age is not a skin type, so there is nothing at the age of 40 that is different from when you were 20 or 30. At any age you have to treat the skin you have. If you have acne, rosacea, oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, blackheads, eczema, etc, how you treat those problems is the same regardless of your age. It‘s important to remember sun protection is as vital for babies as it is for an adult so make it part of your daily routine to add SPF whether you use in your cream or make-up.

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